Friday, September 26, 2014

September 22-26, 2014


Obama at UN Summit: Climate change 'growing and urgent threat' 

Politico: Obama offers few climate details 

Climate change offers 'opportunity,' EPA says 

Treasury Secretary Lew: Climate change hits all sectors of economy 

US Homeland Security moves to tackle climate change risks 

Oil and gas production outpacing regulation, GAO says 

Conservatives plot to oust Boehner 

Google pulling support for ALEC over climate change 

Facebook also abandoning ALEC 

USDA to help ag, rural businesses cut energy use 

Exelon says EPA's nuclear ‘at risk’ designation is little help 

Rolling Stone: Inside the Koch Brothers' Toxic Empire 

U.S. Chamber: Carbon rules likely to be ineffective 

Global business leaders back carbon price at N.Y. summit 

Senate, House both oppose proposed Canadian nuclear waste facility on Great Lakes 

Video: 'The Daily Show' takes on climate change deniers in Congress 

Energy policy a low priority for voters, new poll finds 


FirstEnergy executive defends company's efforts to dismantle state efficiency rules 

AEP defends $31/month fee for refusing smart meters 

‘Crippling penalties’ urged for drillers hiding fracking chemical lists 

Mines at risk of bankruptcy, coal mogul Robert Murray says 

Polar vortex or not, natural gas bills expected to climb this winter 

Gahanna solar array proceeds despite fears that Ohio’s new law will kill ‘green’ energy projects 

PJM Interconnection fields concerns over proposal to fix regional power grid 

Ohio cited in GAO report for fracking waste disposal 

PD editorial: Short-sighted efforts to derail efficiency and renewables standards hurt state's future

VP of IGS Generation: Alternative energy essential to Ohio commercial, industrial facilities


Global Rise Reported in 2013 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

More than 300K march for climate change action in NYC 

Companies Take the Baton in Climate Change Efforts

Rockefellers, Heirs to an Oil Fortune, Will Divest Charity of Fossil Fuels 

Global summit on climate change slated for Minneapolis in 2015

Climate Change Destroying Rocky Mountain Forests, Report Says

The Benefits of Easing Climate Change


US oil industry offers crude-train testing standards after accidents highlight risks 

Coal companies having tough year so far 

Groups want delay in decision on Wisconsin Energy acquisition of Integrys 

Fracking Boom Could Drive Silica Sand Mining Operations In 12 More States, Environmental Groups Say

Petcoke operator driven out of Chicago

Iowa ahead in meeting carbon reduction goals

We Energies coal-storage project approved by commission; state OKs needed

Report: Michigan lacks support for alternative-fuel vehicles

Enbridge completes work on final stretch of replacement oil pipeline in Michigan

Oil reps say N.D. has proper rail shipment rules


U.S., coalition begin targeting ISIS oil refineries in Syria 

Putin's 'Last and Best Weapon' Against Europe: Gas 

Tesla Expands in Hong Kong to Tap Electric Vehicle Demand

The richest man in Saudi Arabia on oil, ISIS and Murdoch


 Is PJM Costing Consumers $1.3 Billion By Ignoring Energy Efficiency?

Major Corporations Like IKEA, Mars, Say They'll Use 100% Renewable Energy By 2020 

Indiana Lawmakers Stand By Elimination Of Energy Efficiency Program 

Study: Small towns can save big with efficiency, renewables

SD utility withdraws rate change proposal that targeted rooftop solar

Wisconsin fight over rooftop solar panels could decide America’s energy future

Study: Natural Gas Reliance Impediment to Renewables

Duke-ATC power line would link Wyoming wind farm, Utah energy storage project

Solar-powered picnic table developed in Lansing, Mich. charges your cell phone outdoors


Researcher is working to predict electric power blackouts before they happen 

Unique Minnesota data project illuminates cities’ energy use

Can batteries replace coal plants?

Oil Companies Quietly Prepare For a Future of Carbon Pricing

Solutions for an Internet of energy


Groundhog dies after escaping NYC mayor’s grip

Couple’s Wedding Day Saved by Strangers from Craigslist

Columbus man who raised $55K is throwing potato salad party

Tranquilizer Dart Ends Black Bear's School Visit

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Friday, September 19, 2014

September 15-19, 2014


EPA extends comment period on power plant pollution plan 

Study: Midwest states should collaborate on EPA carbon rules

White House officials acknowledge their climate plan's limits, but decry inaction

Lawmakers Propose Overhaul to Federal Black Lung Program
Related: Black lung disease makes comeback, study shows 

GAO: More coal power plants to retire than previously thought

US jobs and energy security aren't laughing matters, Sen. Reid

Proposed air conditioner rules could yield biggest savings

U.S. to train veterans to install solar panels

Vilsack sees some proposed ethanol cuts being restored 

Consumers Energy settles EPA lawsuit over coal plant emissions

Green groups cheer new refrigerator standards

Sen. Markey to Ask Congress to Suspend Coal Sales

Internal emails: EPA rules part of 'progressive' agenda


Faber names Ohio Senate members to Energy Mandates Study Committee 

Supporters of renewable energy, efficiency standards question Senate leader's picks for study panel

AEP boosting transmission grid in eastern Ohio to handle shale boom 

Strip mining OK in state wildlife area, Ohio Supreme Court rules 

Kasich vows to ‘focus’ on hiking fracking tax if reelected 

Bill Seitz on his opposition to energy mandates, and his work with ALEC 

Big manufacturers challenging FirstEnergy Solutions’ polar vortex surcharge 

OSU fracking study: Correctly built wells don't contaminate water 

AEP’s Gavin plant lands on Dirtiest Power Plants report 

FirstEnergy, Ohio Edison install new security fencing, thermal-monitoring cameras to thwart metal thieves at substations 

AEP COO: EPA’s carbon plan ‘just not going to happen and something needs to give’ 

Amid energy law freeze, Ohio solar market stalls 

Toledo considers shutting down methane co-generation plant

Paulding County wind farms delayed by lack of financing 

Shale boom will boost plastics, boosting Advanced Drainage Systems, CEO says 

HuffPo commentary: How the New York Times overhyped the benefits of fracking in Ohio


August was hottest on record worldwide 

New York march seeks to be largest climate change event ever 

Curbing climate change: The deepest cuts 

Ban Enlisting Business on Climate Change May Win UN Pact 

Slowing climate change makes economic sense; cities to lead-study 

Texas' New Public School Textbooks Promote Climate Change Denial and Downplay Segregation 

Black activist fights for environmental justice

Minnesota faith groups featured in ‘Climate Reality’ project

Chevron CEO Q&A: Oil prices, exports, pipelines, Russia, greenhouse gases and renewables


Construction Begins at a Carbon-Capture Plant in Illinois, but Will It Ever Be Completed? 

Economic adviser for oil and gas industry defends 'fracking,' exploration boom

Illinois fracking rules put on hold

Leaky wells spur call for stricter rules on gas drilling

Petition calls for Wisconsin DNR to study environmental impacts of frac sand industry

Enbridge oil spill drill shows inner workings of emergency response

In fight against pollution, nurses union on the front lines

Berrien County, Mich. residents allowed to return to homes after natural gas line leak contained

Cushing, Okla. oil hub getting bigger with new pipeline projects

Keystone XL operator seeks South Dakota approval


Sun and Wind Alter Global Landscape, Leaving Utilities Behind

Russian Energy Minister Says No Plans to Cut European Gas Supply 

Russia May Divert Europe’s Gas Supplies to China 

Where Will Europe Find Energy This Winter?

Spanish Energy Minister: 'Spain Could Be the Solution' for Europe's Gas Woes 


The Untapped Power of Solar Data

DTE adds 112MW of wind power in Michigan

Iowa State University researchers recieve grant to study taller wind turbines

SolarCity says it can make commercial rooftops into better power plants

Tea party official rips We Energies' plan to alter solar charges

Market improving for waste-to-energy projects in Minnesota

Study Links Increased Drilling With Earthquakes

Study: Electric cars cheaper to insure than gasoline equivalents

Electric Vehicles Are Cleaner, but Still Not a Magic Bullet

Storing renewable energy in a thousand basements


Country singer George Hamilton IV dies at 77

Goldfish undergoes life-saving surgery to remove brain tumor 

Ig Nobel Winner: Using Pork to Stop Nosebleeds

Dog Missing From Pennsylvania Found in Oregon

46 Years Later, Owner to Get Stolen Jaguar Back

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Friday, September 12, 2014

September 8-12, 2014

15 GOP governors to Obama: Climate rule breaks the law

Here's the GOP's Best Shot At Derailing Obama's Climate Plan

States Suing to Stop CO2 Cuts Prep For Them Anyway  

Battle joined over cooling water intake rule as utilities take EPA to court 

Judge bars former EPA official from testifying in enforcement suit

Feds move to prevent runaway oil trains

The Republican Party's secret stance on climate change

Thune introduces bill to increase authority of agency overseeing rails

Podesta, White House warned about ocean preserve expansion to combat climate change

EPA puts climate target on airlines

Gas tax woes: Roads may crumble as people go green

Ford chairman calls for clearer energy policy


Seitz gets seat on committee studying Ohio’s energy mandates 

Ohio shale’s oil and gas production shows growth 
Related: Oil, gas production from shale shifts south 

Poll: Most Ohioans Say "No" to Coal Plant Bailouts 

Energy efficiency, renewable energy rules frozen by lawmakers favored by voters, poll finds 

Critics: Ohio not doing enough to protect habitat from drilling 

Cleveland Becomes Cleantech Leader But Ohio Backtracks on Renewable Energy 

Ohio EPA may rework wetlands permits 

Columbus lags in drilling-related support businesses, API survey finds

590-mile pipeline alters route through parts of Ohio, Michigan 

Controversial anti-fracking billboards in Coshocton County come down 

Activists want Columbus to have environmental ‘bill of rights’ 

Groups seek hearing over continued cracks at Davis-Besse

Honda Transmission plant's wind turbines exceed expectations 

Former foreman sues Murray Energy over firing 

Ohio steel mill to become oil and gas logistics hub 


Greenhouse gas levels rising at fastest rate since 1984 

Audubon Society: Climate change biggest threat facing birds 

Cities prepare for warm climate without saying so 

Bloomberg editorial: One more reason for a carbon tax

World Falls Behind in Efforts to Tackle Climate Change: Report

Economists call for carbon tax, Midwest emissions market

CEO of Royal Dutch Shell: Climate change discussion ‘has gone into la-la land’


Peabody Energy's Greg Boyce Says Don't Write Off Coal 

Industry To Seek Changes In Illinois Fracking Rules

ComEd closely guarding smart meter data

Township leaders, residents protest drilling in residential areas in Michigan

AARP challenges Wisconsin utilities' rates

Indiana has different view on greenhouse gas rules

Iowa ready to meet new EPA air standards for power plants

Enterprise proposes crude oil pipeline from North Dakota to Oklahoma

Court rules Indiana URC erred in approving Duke fee hike


BRICS keep supporting Russia in bid to rebalance world power

Australia and India Commit to New Nuclear Energy BFF Relationship

Ahead of Jinping's visit, China pitches for Nuclear ties with India

Russia's Militarization of the North Pole Has U.S. Lawmakers on Edge

Exploding world, cheap oil


How LEDs Are Going To Change The Way We Look At Cities 

Tea Party star heads to Wisconsin to fight for solar

New Solar Capacity Beats Natural Gas in the First Half of 2014

Tallgrass taking root as University of Iowa biofuel

Iowa ethanol plant adds cellulosic capability

Biofuels: E Coli Modified To Make Engine-Ready Propane

Missouri Supreme Court to hear arguments in solar dispute


U.S. grid safe from large-scale attack, experts say 

People near fracking wells report health woes

Study: Want lower gas prices? Ship more oil abroad

Can Carbon Capture Technology Be Part of the Climate Solution?

Wave Energy Research Progressing

Researchers claim hydrogen energy advance


Joan Rivers, a Comic Stiletto Quick to Skewer, Dead at 81

James Bond's Jaws, Richard Kiel, dies at 74

World's tallest dog dies, aged five

Illinois Volunteers Grill 100-Foot-Long Bratwurst

Al Pacino turned down part of Han Solo over confusing script

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Friday, September 5, 2014

September 2-5, 2014


New program aims to educate about the electric grid

    • Related -

Judge orders Sierra Club to pay Luminant $6.4M for 'frivolous' suit

Add another $30M to cost for Kemper Plant

BP faces $18 billion fine for Gulf oil spill
    • Related - Halliburton to pay $1.1 billion to settle gulf oil spill lawsuits


GOP launches probe of 'improper influence' on EPA climate rule

Latino groups flex muscle on EPA water reg

Administration launches climate contest for cities

Super PAC making climate change a key issue

House panel to hear from regulators on carbon rules


Dominion, Duke propose $5 billion pipeline to send Ohio natural gas to Southeast


EPA chief pushes economic case of capturing methane

Costco to cut greenhouse gas emissions in deal with EPA

Book chronicles 10 years of carbon capture project

Highways and byways could help with carbon storage

EPA approves FutureGen project

Changing global diets is vital to reducing climate change, researchers say

Are methane-belching microbes a climate change threat

NASA scientist tracking climate change from orbit


The electrical grid: A vital yet unsecured part of US infrastructure

NC utilities will meet targets for electricity from poultry waste

Oil and gas drilling raising price of electricity in west Texas

More power plants changing hands

Dirtiest U.S. coal becoming most popular on EPA rules

Costs of coal power plant proposal challenged in New Mexico

Big Sandy to switch from coal to gas

$5 billion pipeline announced

EIA report: US transmission investments up 5-fold


Britain facing brownouts as nuclear reactors remain offline

    • Related - 1970s-style electricity rationing expected

Australia sees rise in CO2 emissions after carbon tax repeal

Ukraine slashes power to Crimea

Finland now dependent on Sweden for electricity

Africa and Belgium generate the same amount of electricity

'Gold coal' to produce greener electricity 


Palo Alto's electricity supply is 100 percent carbon neutral 

How Australia perfected solar power and then went back to coal 

GE study says wind energy can improve grid resiliency

Charge your phone using a plant

Renewable energy undermining Swiss power plant project

Japan planning 30 floating solar islands

Progress continues on eastern Indiana wind farm


NRG Energy to retrofit plant to capture CO2 emissions

On the way to a safe and secure Smart Home

New type of ethanol plant opens in Iowa

Utah company gets grant for fuel cell research


Legroom battles diverting more flights

Argument over borrowed electricity leads to fire, two arrests in Trenton

Could climate change doom Maine lobsters?

Oil boomtown seeing increase in counterfeit money

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