Friday, April 11, 2014

April 7-11, 2014


Obama urged by Senate Democrats to decide on Keystone XL by June
Related: White House dismisses vulnerable Dems' Keystone push

Government watchdog says regulators should have classified document on power grid threats
Related: Acting FERC chair - Steps underway to protect grid
Related: Senators fret over security of electric grid

McCarthy pledges flexibility for states in power plant rule
Related: EPA consulted with hundreds of groups on carbon rule for existing power plants

Coal's clout endures in Washington even as jobs decline
DOE: 'All of the above' not getting all it needs
Related: Moniz says 'green' includes nuclear and more

House panel votes to speed up gas exports


EPA defends enforcement plan to focus on biggest polluters

Lawmakers weigh growing absence of coal

US energy boom benefits allies, DOE official says

Reid wants Senate vote on tax break bill (which includes wind energy) 'sooner rather than later'

Interior moves to standardize oil and gas permits on federal lands

BPA emails show former administrator was in the loop on hiring problems

McConnell thanks Moniz for attention given to Paducah, Ky. gaseous diffusion site

DoE awards FuelCell Energy funds to increase productivity

Obama targets climate change in wildfire strategy

Bill would establish 'victory bonds' for clean energy investment

NRC won't expand safety buffer around nuclear plants

EPA nominee stirs up deep-seated climate views in Senate


Honda, Honeywell, Whirlpool and other big manufacturers urging lawmakers to keep EE benchmarks
Related: Toledo Blade editorial - Don't lower the standards 
Related: Ohio energy group opposes lifting Ohio targets
Related: Criticism of 2008 law part of new energy bill's debate
Related: Clean energy bill sparks plugs, pans

Climate change doubling big power outages, group says (AEP had most of any utility)

FirstEnergy CEO decries 'war on coal' in U.S. Chamber of Commerce speech

FirstEnergy Solutions' special fee investigated by PUCO

Ohio consumers on hook for gas plant cleanups? 

Columbus looking at energy aggregation

Guernsey County couple's suit against state's fracking lease gets judge's OK

ORNL to oversee Piketon energy project
Related: DOE looking for ways to continue funding USEC

Combined heat and power has promise, faces hurdles in Ohio

Drilling impacts survey finds 'complicated story' in Carroll County

AEP revising upward its projected coal generation to 51% 

Walmart commits to massive LED lighting rollout after successful pilot in Ohio

AMP members on hook for cancelled Meigs coal power plant

Media Matters: Ohio papers miss fossil fuel connection behind latest attack on clean energy

N.D. official tells Ohio officials of $2B fracking windfall


Cars become biggest driver of greenhouse gas increases

Union of Concerned Scientists evaluates cable news coverage of climate science (Fox News rarely accurate; MSNBC occasionally exaggerates)

Hollywood stars to 'put human face on climate change' in ambitious TV series

Cities on frontline of climate change struggle

In southwest U.S. climate change to bring bird, reptile shifts

Corporate lobbying on climate change: silence is not neutrality

Food quality at risk if climate change continues, study says

Deepening divide over climate change sparks fierce debate


Keystone XL dealt setback in Nebraska court

DOE making 'steady progress' on stalled uranium burial in Nevada

PG&E offers $250K reward in San Jose substation attack

Chesapeake Energy planning record $3B bond offering to refinance debt

States work to protect electric grid from solar storms and nuclear attacks 

California lawmakers advance bills to stop fracking

Pennsylvania asks feds for flexibility in power plant emissions rule changes

Cuomo: NYS health commissioner resigning over pay, not fracking pressure

Power price recovery may be too late to aid nuclear plants, says Exelon exec

Bipartisan group of Pa. lawmakers calls for gas tax


Putin warns gas taps to Ukraine could be turned off

Germany moves forward on renewable energy plan

U.S. gas tantalizes Europe, but it's not a quick fix

Shale gas blooms in China? Not so fast

Is Libyan energy ready for a comeback?


U.S. wind industry slammed by tax uncertainty, fracking

IKEA building wind farm in Illinois

Hawaiian Electric wins renewable energy grant

Conservative, environmental groups blast solar surcharge bill in Oklahoma

Solar CEO says threat to utilities greatly exaggerated


Los Angeles tops list of cities with most energy efficient buildings, EPA says
Related: D.C. region comes in second

How Japan replaced half its nuclear capacity with conservation and efficiency

NREL's energy efficiency technologies help to meet US Navy's energy goals


In LNG export debate, implications for U.S. trade policy

Don't reform the tax code on the backs of over-taxed energy producers

Natural gas: An opportunity for all Americans

Cowboys and Indians against Keystone

Building America's fuel bridge

Solar industry successful and growing in California

In defense of coal: Peabody CEO discusses coal's role in fight against energy poverty

Biomass: Not carbon neutral and often not clean


Study: Pollution fears crush home prices near fracking wells

Scientists discover new way to make ethanol without corn

New materials for capturing CO2 from combustion gases 

Israeli breakthrough recharges cellphones in 30 seconds 


Tesla to offer electric car leases to businesses

GM boosting investment at Volt assembly plant and Brownstown, Mich. battery factory

The EU wants electric cars to add sounds for safety


Mickey Rooney's final days marred by bizarre family feud

Blanco, horse who portrayed Shadowfax in 'Lord of the Rings' films, dies

Sue Townsend, creator of Adrian Mole, dies at 68

Man with first name 'God' runs into credit-rating issues

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Friday, April 4, 2014

March 31 - April 4, 2014


U.N. climate report: Be afraid globally, prepare locally
Related: World unprepared for threats of climate change, says U.N. (video)
Related: Global warming worsens food problems, U.N. says
Related: It may take a global vegetarian movement to combat climate change

Embattled utilities face 'talent storm' due to aging workforce

White House unveils plans to cut methane emissions

Add another $177 million to Kemper Plant


U.N. climate report changes little on Capitol Hill

EPA looked askance at N.C. regulators' proposed coal ash settlement with Duke

Energy Department officials confirm 4 more workers contaminated at N.M. nuclear dump

Bipartisan group of governors press Congress on wind tax credit


Latta, Jordan: Obama has declared energy war
    • Related: Officials talk to Midwest Electric about energy policy
    • Related: Video news story from Midwest Electric Co-op Owners breakfast

Ohio may freeze renewable, efficiency standards
    • Related: Bill has first hearing in House

Piketon uranium project nearly out of money

RES moves into storage in Ohio

AMP loses case to recover millions


UN report shows new focus on surviving, not stopping, climate change
    • Access the full report

Biofuels might hold back progress on combating climate change

Libertarian Heartland Institute says more CO2 is good for the planet

Warming earth could spread drought

Are fewer burgers the key to reducing climate change?

Green groups say Court ruling helps polluters

Whitfield questions EPA's McCarthy


Report: Florida's biggest utilities' 'outsized' clout hurts consumers

Frustrated by lack of progress, state of Washington proposes own nuclear cleanup deadlines

NRC troubled by 'degraded' performance at Minnesota nuclear plant

Duke Energy sues Westinghouse for $54 million

Pipe explodes at Williams LNG facility in Washington state

Ameren, environmental groups square off on coal ash landfill in Missouri

Missouri rate dispute could wind up in U.S. Supreme Court

Shift from coal to gas in New York may be reversible

Anadarko Petroleum paying $5.15 billion for pollution cleanup

Americans used more energy in 2013

Gas prices not changing driving patterns

Coast Guard says Shell reckless in 2012 Alaska incident


After Fukushima disaster, Japan looks to coal power
    • Nuclear not out of the mix in Japan

Exxon says profitability won't be hurt by climate change


Bill extending tax credits for renewables, efficiency introduced in Senate
   • Wind tax credits make it to final bill

Minnesota looking to export more wind energy


Indiana energy efficiency program expires with new law

Milwaukee pursuing energy independence

Tunisia tops Arab energy efficiency rankings


Learn more about Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz

The U.N.'s latest disaster forecast

The folly of blocking natural gas exports

Former Sens. Bayh and Gregg: Don't pull the plug on nuclear power

Giuliani: Stick with nuclear power

Make energy efficiency part of U.S. policy

Richardson: Wake up to the realities of climate change

Writer calls Exxon's response to climate change 'arrogance'

Five takeaways from IPCC report

Are taxes the key to limiting climate change?

Readers comment on Tesla compromise


In some markets, cost-effective energy storage is already here

Power plants prepare to capture CO2


Tesla to offer an 'affordable' car by 2017, but will it take off?

40th anniversary: Much has changed in cars since 55 m.p.h. was law

Electric cars getting more luxurious

EU to require electric cars to make more noise

Norwegians love buying electric cars

60 Minutes adds wrong car noise to Tesla story


Yellowstone experiences largest earthquake in 34 years

Growing "grass" indoors isn't very green

Using rats for retaliation

Broken ATM spits out $37,000

Senator starts asking questions at wrong hearing

Ortiz' 'selfie' with the president puts Samsung under fire

Eye contact important in selling cereal

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Friday, March 21, 2014

March 17-21, 2014


Obama administration launches online climate change information system

Obama Keystone choice pits donors against at-risk Senate

Environmental reporters' group slams 'incredibly secretive' EPA

EU readies natural gas plan to cut reliance on Russia

NRDC suggests new rules for further cuts in carbon pollution

White House to unveil new methane strategy this month 

GOP says fake CIA agent wrote major EPA regs

U.S. fuel demand lowest for February since 1998, API says

Energy boom to aid U.S. urban manufacturing jobs to 2020


Podesta: White House ready to plug methane leaks

Poll: Americans choose savings at the pump over oil exports

Biden warns Russia about more sanctions, but not U.S. 'energy weapon'

Landrieu sets hearing on natural gas
Related: Green groups say Russia-fueled push for natural gas exports will fade

Democrats mine EPA for dirt on Republicans

Offshore drilling regulator moves up at Interior

Interior delays hike in oil spill fines

NRC Commissioner Magwood to head OECD nuclear agency

FERC to examine challenges presented by harsh winter


Fracking employee sentenced to probation for dumping waste in Mahoning River

Power Siting Board approves wind farm in Hardin and Logan counties

Davis-Besse seeks extension opinion

Four lawmakers want probe of Ohio EPA

Proposed Lake Erie wind farm secures key green support

Leaving no plastic behind, Akron plant to convert waste to energy

Crews work to clean up oil pipeline spill in nature preserve near Cincinnati
Related: Release the 40th on the line since 2006

Natural gas price flare-up is dying down

Efficiency mark helps First Solar stock rise


Scientists sound alarm on climate

Bill Nye responds to 7 real arguments made by climate change deniers

Can big data help U.S. cities adapt to climate change?

FiveThirtyEight's science writer accused of misrepresenting the data on climate change

Climate change brings 35 extra days of wildflowers

Climate change could cause the next great famine


Duke Energy's regulators tighten screws amid federal inquiry
Related: N.C. sites Duke Energy for pumping ash pond water
Related: Gov. McAuliffe says Duke should compensate Virginia for coal ash spill 

Did fracking play role in L.A. earthquake? Councilmen want to know
Related: Officials probe whether L.A. earthquake caused oil leakage

Leak found in main near East Harlem explosion site
Related: Con Ed plays 87 victims following NYC blast 

$24.5M penalty proposed for Southern California Edison over windstorm

New Duke Energy CEO earned $6.5 million

Sierra Club accuses LG&E of 'almost daily' dumping pollution into Ohio River

Mass. governor shares concerns about Pilgrim nuclear plant

Pennsylvania ranks at the bottom for gas drilling taxes

S.C. sues feds to save Savannah River MOX plant project

BP: 24 top bids for $41.6M in Golf oil lease sale

Tax cuts for oil drilling pass Michigan Senate

Coal strip mining fight heats up in southern Illinois


U.S. and South Africa hold bilateral discussion on sustainability

JPMorgan sells commodities unit to Swiss firm

Six reasons fracking has flopped overseas

Will the Israelis allow the Palestinians to exploit their own oil?


Sempra and Con Ed sharing ownership of five U.S. solar farms

Illinois employs almost 100K in clean energy industry

BP ends renewable energy target after spending $8.3B

Atlantic City wind farm rejected by N.J. regulators

First Solar seeks more rooftops as utility plants shrink


LED light bulb prices projected to match CFLs by 2020

Minnesota takes step to link energy loans with utility bill

Big businesses fight over Indiana energy program

Detroit airport's switch to LEDs to save $1.2M yearly

Minneapolis confronts the economics of green homes

Who's behind the effort to kill Indiana's efficiency law?


The Democratic Civil War over energy
USA Today Editorial Board: Export gas to weaken Putin
Opposing view: Ship know-how, not natural gas

Mainstreaming fringe science with John Holdren

Can fracking save the world?

The next shale bonanza

Changing Americans' minds on climate change


Hidden Treasure: Two new resources offer up massive amounts of utility data

Research alliance announced to develop cooler lithium-ion batteries

Turning waste into wealth

Survey finds surprising attitudes toward energy costs, environmental impact


The afterlife for EV batteries: A future source of energy storage?

Editorial: Tesla can topple the car-dealer monopoly

AAA report: Electric cars' long-distance efficiency impaired by weather extremes

Nissan on track to beat 2020 electric car sales target?


Oldest American-born man in U.S. dies at 110

Swiss Emmentaler named world's best cheese

Scrap dealer finds $20M Faberge egg

Gorilla born in rare C-section at San Diego Zoo has pneumonia

Friday, March 14, 2014

March 10-14, 2014


House GOP launches probe into EPA rule
Related: GOP goes head hunting in EPA climate probe
Related: GOP starts investigation on EPA power plant rules

EPA official: New rules can be achieved with available technology

Democrats clock all-nighter with climate talk
Related: The Democrats' disconnect on global warming
Related: How talking about climate change might actually help Democrats win elections
Related: McConnell dares Democrats on carbon tax
Related: Dr. Seuss makes cameo in Senate Democrats' climate change talkathon
Related: Senate Democrats' donor-friendly global warming show

U.S. gas boom: A tool against Russian coercion
Related: U.S. push for natural gas exports to Ukraine faces hurdles
Related: Ukraine's neighbors urge expansion of U.S. gas exports

U.S. risks national blackout from small-scale attack
Related: Power grid preparedness falls short, survey reports

Gas explosion levels two buildings in Harlem, killing eight

Related: Gas explosion subject of federal probe
Related: Residents say they smelled gas 'for years'

Frigid winter reduces natural gas supplies to 11-year low

Polar vortex emboldens industry to push old coal plants

Surge in rail shipments of oil sidetracks other industries (including coal) 


U.S. surprises oil market with sale from strategic reserve

Senate GOP pushes bill curbing natural gas flaring

BP regains ability to bid on leases for U.S. land, water

Unions fear potential privatization of TVA

EPA steam-plant plant emission rules survive utilities' challenge

Kerry says he hasn't prejudged Keystone
Related: Beyond the hype, Keystone would yield few permanent jobs
Related: Former Obama adviser says approving Keystone would send message to Putin 
Related: Keystone hearing heats up (video)
Related: High number of anti-Keystone comments from foreigners

GAO: Nuclear regulators learned from Fukushima, but more work ahead
Related: Fukushima contamination in U.S. waters refuted by NRC

House panel subpoenas on wind farms, eagle deaths

Obama designates California coastline as national monument

Hillary Clinton's Keystone dodge prompts donors to rethink support

Landrieu makes first appointments as Energy Committee chair


Tremors in Mahoning County attributed to gas drilling
Related: More quakes reported near fracking well
Related: Quake details emerge as group demands action
Related: Ohio officials tight-lipped on earthquakes
Related: Stakes high in mystery over fracking, quakes
Related: Did hydraulic fracturing play a role in Ohio quakes?

Kasich would collect $875M from shale wells in the next three years
Related: Batchelder leery of Kasich's fracking tax hike

18 coal facilities in Ohio operating with expired permits

DP&L may sell power plants, quit retail business by 2017

Bill would eliminate Ohio's energy-efficient school building program

Propane heating cost $2,212 this winter

Duke, AEP buy credits in nutrient pollution sale

Cincinnati residents, businesses will be able to choose what type of energy they want 

Tesla meets for first time with Ohio dealers seeking store ban


Obama, EU to stand together on climate change draft

CEOs face rising shareholder interested in managing corporate climate risks

Long-term warming likely to be significant despite recent slowdown

For Chamber of Commerce, fourth time's the charm on climate change

Voters aren't (really) all that worried right now about climate change

How climate change spurred a 10,000-year Ice Age journey


Shell cuts spending in U.S. to lower shale exposure
Related: Shell to restructure assets in U.S.

Can Kemper become the first U.S. power plant to use 'clean coal?'

Duke coal-to-gas plant in Indiana consumed more energy than it produced

Emails show close ties between Duke, N.C. regulators

Duke Energy proposes storing coal ash at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Pa. Attorney General reviewing complaints about natural gas royalty

Report: Fracking could raise earthquake risks in California

S.C. Republicans ask Haley to keep MOX open

NRG agrees to acquire Dominion's retail electric business

Power wholesaler Edison Mission clears bankruptcy

Winter's cold meant higher bills for utility customers with variable-rate plans

W.Va. bill to regulate gas drilling waste on hold

DOE ordered to pay Energy Northwest $19M


Germany's carbon targets in doubt as emissions rise in 2013
Related: Coal taints Germany's energy mix

Four reasons Russia will keep gas flowing

India gives U.S. insurance plan for nuclear plants

Clouds shroud China's bloated energy sector


Poll: 75% of U.S. homeowners say utilities shouldn't block solar

Project seeks to smooth way for offshore Va. winds

New York State government taking over Long Island solar panel rebate program

Iowa Senate panel OKs boost for solar energy tax credits

Third manure spill in six months recorded at Wisconsin digester

Minnesota becomes first state to set 'value of solar' tariff


Indiana governor to decide fate of energy efficiency standard

Cree accelerates the LED light bulb pricing war

'Boring' energy efficiency is biggest CO2-cutting tool, IEA says

Port Authority of NY and NJ replaces Lincoln Tunnel lighting, touts energy savings

'Father of LEED' Rob Watson says green construction makes financial sense


Obama's budget unfairly targets energy industry

Obama administration is last man standing on LNG exports

New York Times Editorial Board: Natural gas as a diplomatic tool

Related: Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) responds

The red faces of the solar skeptics


A cheaper route to making chemicals from CO2

Natural gas breakthrough in South Florida could lead to cheaper fuel

BYU chemist makes breakthrough discovery on natural gas

Solar pathways for U.S. states examined in NREL report

Report details VEA economic impact


Tesla sales will be banned in New Jersey starting April 1

Use of public transit in U.S. reaches highest level since 1956

Electric car credit under review in Georgia

Automakers talk optimistically about electric cars in Geneva


Hal Douglas, 89, superstar of movie trailer narrators, dies

Two students charged for forcing dog into keg stand

U.S. Mint to sell curved coins honoring Baseball Hall of Fame

Investors prefer business pitches from handsome men, study finds

House cat in Oregon attacks baby, traps family in bedroom

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