Friday, December 19, 2014

December 15-19, 2014


Coal-heavy electric cooperatives take hard line on EPA Clean Power Plan 

Lawyers gird for fight against EPA's Clean Power Plan based on states' rights 

Congress renews tax breaks for wind, biofuel - for two more weeks 

Coal Ash Decision To Cloud The Lines Between EPA And Conservative Congress 

Dam breaks, tainted wells prompt new look at coal-ash dumps that escaped EPA review 

Fight looms over $3 billion Obama administration payment to UN-linked climate fund 

Computer models contest EPA Clean Power Plan's reliability impacts 

Industry's mercury challenge could undermine attack on EPA climate rule 

Senate Confirms Collette Honorable to Fill Vacant FERC Commissioner Slot 

Midwest collaborative seeks flexibility on Clean Power Plan

Transmission monitor defends consultant choice for review of EPA plan 

GAO faults nuke regulator’s cost-benefit analysis 

New York to ban fracking; environmentalists cheer 

Crucial Keystone ruling from Nebraska Supreme Court coming soon

Michigan regulators say greenhouse gas proposal unfair


Alexander to step down as CEO of FirstEnergy 

Families flee out-of-control natural-gas leak at Monroe County fracking well 

AEP exec: PUCO testimony to focus on legality and public policy 

Alternative-energy compliance costs to show up on Ohio electric bills 

Ohio's big energy mistake: Experts debate state's future 

Ohio Energy Tour: Columbus blundered on energy law 

‘Bailout’ or safeguard? Income guarantee for AEP power plant debated 

While seeking ‘bailout,’ Ohio utilities keep cost data secret 

Amid setbacks, Ohio energy tour looks on the bright side 

Ohio State professor: History has well written the dangers of climate change 

Athens gets greener with new geothermal system


More than 500 rigs may shut down as oil slides, analysts say 

North Dakota could lose billions in oil tax revenue if low oil prices persist 

Indiana Utility Counselor says Duke customers owed a $114.8M

Regulators won't delay vote on Wisconsin Energy-Integrys deal

Minnesota Power exec tells regulators of coal-shipping woes 

Chicago health commissioner blasts KCBX over petcoke 

Wisconsin DNR concedes its rules are faulty, then allows more frac sand mining 


Poll: Half of Republicans back limits on carbon 

A Climate Accord Based on Global Peer Pressure 

Readers vote 'Global warming is a hoax' as PolitiFact Lie of the Year

Shrinking ship bubbles ‘could counteract climate change’

Europe's Record Heat Tied Directly to Climate Change

Climate change could cut 18 percent of world food production by 2050

NHL defends ice in new push against climate change


Putin Says Russian Economy Must Brace for $40-a-Barrel Oil 

Mexican energy sector is being reopened to the private sector 

IEA Scolds U.S. For Waffling On Wind Tax Credit 

Enbridge Shuts Oil Pipeline to U.S. After Spill in Canada 

India Reports Positive Talks With U.S. Nuclear Advance Team


Big solar step: Super-efficient system sets record

Nearly $1B Available for PACE Projects in 2014 

Minnesota coalition plans push for higher renewable energy standard in '15 session 

North Dakota regulators approve $240 million wind farm

Indiana Energy Plan Proposals Coming From Pence And Legislators 

Consumers Energy completes 111-megawatt Cross Winds Energy Park in Tuscola County. Mich. 

Minnesota utility regulators authorize Xcel generating projects 


Betting on the Need, Scientists Work on Lighter, Cleaner Nuclear Energy 

Study: Your all-electric car may not be so green 

Here’s how electric cars could be cheaper than gas guzzlers within a decade 

Can new drill tech unleash the potential of geothermal energy? 

Company's residential battery works as household command center 


Boy Sends $1 Allowance to Help Save UAB Football

Passengers Describe Terrifying Flight With Severe Mid-Air Turbulence

New Zealand couple manages to lock themselves in keyless car for 13 hours

SoCal Residents Riled Over Christmas Display of Pot-Smoking Santa

Counting Blessings: Baby Girl Born at 10:11 on 12/13/14

NCAA basketball player with inoperable brain tumor to become honorary coach

Time capsule found at Massachusetts Statehouse

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Friday, December 12, 2014

December 8-12, 2014


Obama's domestic climate agenda winner, international climate agenda loser, in Congress' spending deal

FERC sets regional conferences on climate rule's reliability impacts

Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With State Attorneys General

Nuclear giant Exelon shrugs off 'doomsday' warnings about EPA rule 

EPA emissions plan receives an earful, official says in Milwaukee visit 

What will Republican victories mean for energy efficiency?

Conservative groups seek limits during lame duck on wind energy subsidies

How America Is Kicking Its Oil Habit

John Kerry: climate change is now a security issue 

As US cleans up, it's exporting more pollution 

PG&E CEO: Put a price on carbon emissions 

How Media Advanced Conservatives' "War On Coal" Narrative

Coal states brace for growing number of plant closures over EPA rules 


Agriculture and environment bill stuck in committee 

Robert Murray sees profits in coal's long, slow death 

Low commodity prices prompt PDC Energy to idle drilling rig in Utica shale play 

Penn. congressman Widens Inquiry Into Fracking Waste to Ohio

Ohio’s Top 10 Utica shale wells are all in Belmont and Monroe counties 

Ohio’s natural gas boom brings flurry of pipeline construction

Solar panels installed at GM Lordstown

Ohio Utica play’s natural gas find stays on rising path

W.Va. OKs fracking under Ohio River; critics leery

Coal-filled stockings just got cheaper thanks to lower prices


In Kentucky, both Democrats and Republicans are blocking green policies

North Dakota’s quest not to blow its oil wealth

Oil price drop won't deter fracking in Southern Illinois

NRC finds Palisades Nuclear Plant safety violation involving monitoring workers for radiation 

Group appeals FutureGen permit decision

Little support for power line in Wisconsin Amish country

ComEd to raise electric delivery rates by 11 percent

Illinois regulators approve Ameren Illinois rate increase

Consumers Energy cites coal plants, EPA rules as reason for new electric rate increase

Minnesota energy officials keep wary eye on winter fuel supplies

Kansas A.G. asks for federal court review of EPA ethanol requirement

N.D. regulators order treatment of crude oil for safety

Enbridge settles class action lawsuit over Kalamazoo River oil spill

Exelon seeks OK to operate LaSalle, Ill. nuclear plant until 2040s


Adapting to a warmer climate could cost almost three times as much as thought, says UN report 

The people who deny climate change are most likely to suffer from it 

The 7 psychological reasons that are stopping us from acting on climate change

International law stays silent on the responsibility for climate change

Climate change won't dry up Southern California, study finds

Climate change explained in 60 second animation

Top Scientists To Media: Stop Using ‘Skeptic’ To Describe Climate Science Deniers


The Relentless Production of Shale Oil Is Breaking OPEC’s Neck 

Oil Has Fallen Below $60. So Which Countries Are in Trouble? 

The Energy Boom You Haven't Heard About: Wood Pellets 

Record Oil Tankers Sailing to China Amid Stockpiling Signs 

As U.S. use of solar explodes, a new round opens in China dumping case

Decision on Canadian nuclear dump site expected in mid-2015

Island Nations Are Now Screaming It: Climate Change Will Sink Us

Burning money - a novel way to generate electricity in China


Report: Energy efficiency could cost U.S. utilities $48 billion 

Power Savings of Smart Meters Prove Slow to Materialize 

In North Dakota, wind energy closes the gap on coal
Ann Arbor and DTE Energy announce plans for large solar farm at city airport

As one solar company departs, another arrives in Minnesota

Can burning tires be called renewable energy?

Chicago wants to help you upgrade your drafty apartment


A Coal Plant That Buries Its Greenhouse Gases 

MISO initiative aims to improve communication with gas pipelines

Leaks from natural gas drilling are falling, study finds

'Smart windows' have potential to keep heat out and save energy 

Learning from new, very low-energy buildings

Turning olive oil waste into energy to benefit rural economies 


Countless crows, droppings rankle Springfield, Ohio residents 

Would-Be Carjackers Couldn't Drive Stick Shift

Car plunges through roof of California home

Washington baby tips the scales at nearly 15 pounds 

Harvard Professor Apologizes to Chinese Restaurant for Rant over Accidental Overcharge 

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Friday, December 5, 2014

December 1-5, 2014


EPA receives more than 1.6 million comments on climate rule

House Approves Tax Bill With One-Year Extension of Wind, Energy Incentives

Portman, Shaheen introduce smaller energy efficiency legislation

Bush appointee to FERC blasts EPA climate rule 

Behind the noise, central states study EPA rule cooperation

Hillary Clinton: Obama climate change action 'must be protected at all costs' 
Reps. Petri (R-Wisc.) and Blumenauer (D-Ore.) press for gas tax hike

Nike, IKEA join 221 companies in backing EPA’s climate rule

16 U.S. Communities Recognized by White House for Leadership on Climate Change


Ohio agencies oppose U.S. plan for power-plant carbon cuts 

PUCO analysis: Ohio power prices could spike due to EPA plan

Report finds ODNR employee inspecting father's oil business

AEP granted hearing on income guarantee for power plant

AEP using form letters to get local governments to petition regulators on controversial power purchase plan

AEP says EPA’s carbon emission targets are impractical, unreachable and expensive

New Ohio-Gulf Coast pipeline approved

Akron event promotes wind power to clean environment and create jobs

Ohio bill’s fracking provisions could clash with federal law

Appalachian surface mines ripe for beehives 

City of Oberlin one of 16 communities recognized by White House


Reports: Faulty cable caused Detroit blackout 

Natural gas reserves hit all-time high

The American Oil Boom Won't Last Long at $65 Per Barrel

Michigan’s electric choice law ‘in the crosshairs’ in 2015

Coal shipping cost increases to hit Wisconsin Power and Light customers

Xcel says it doesn't owe nuclear contractor

Dairyland Power co-op may periodically shut power plant this winter to conserve coal

Rail Industry’s Secret: Volatile Crude Routes Often Kept From Cities and Towns

Unlikely allies join to fight Iowa pipeline project

North Dakota governor's budget bets on oil price rebound

Safety systems shut down Missouri nuclear plant

Indiana leaders slam stricter greenhouse gas emission rules

Ameren, Com Ed closer to getting automatic rate hikes to upgrade Illinois grid

Commentary: Making 'The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels'


Poll: 83% of Americans say climate is changing

Climate Change Causes Massive Devastation In Mock 2050 Weather Reports From UN Show

Even climate change experts and activists are in denial about climate change

Britain on course for warmest year ever

Report claims consumers are uninformed regarding magnitude of livestock contribution to carbon emissions

Ban Ki-Moon says Canada must do more on climate change

These Mammals Are Hit Hard By Climate Change 


The Next Big Climate Question: Will India Follow China?

Russia Warns Of Recession In 2015 Amid Sanctions And Low Oil Prices

Amid Conflict with ISIS, Iraq Pumps Oil Like There's No Tomorrow

Chevron announces first oil from Jack/St. Malo project in the Gulf of Mexico

Chris Christie Stumps for Energy, if Not for 2016, in Canada

Merrill Lynch Invests $70 Million Into Indian Wind Energy Company


Energy Efficiency May Be the Key to Saving Trillions

Burning tires? Michigan House passes bill that would redefine renewable energy

On utilities and solar, Wisconsin goes its own way

Next legislative session could be end for Kansas’ renewable energy standard

Ikea expanding solar array atop Michigan store

University of Minnesota turns to combined heat and power for climate goals 

Why More Solar Panels Should Be Facing West, Not South 

Holiday lights can boost power bill 


Material Cools Buildings by Sending Heat into Space

U.S. Nuclear Plants Squeezed by Cheap Gas, Uranium Costs

Research could improve nuclear power plant safety – and stop your kettle furring up

Missing ingredient in energy-efficient buildings: People

Researcher working to save energy with nanotechnology insulation 


Ian McLagan, keyboardist with The Faces, dies at 69

World's fattest man Keith Martin dies, aged 44

Stolen 5,000-Pound Bridge Recovered in Michigan

Salvation Army returns $10K ring dropped in kettle

Surgeon disciplined for removing inmate's good kidney, leaving tumorous one

Utah Man Charged for Sunbathing Nude in His Yard

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24-26, 2014


Ohio Energy News

PUCO approves FirstEnergy's request to suspend popular energy efficiency programs 

Energy standards committee, PUCO not on same page at 1st meeting 

Bill alters reporting of fracking chemicals in Ohio 

University of Cincinnati first public university to issue green bonds 

HAZMAT responds to Beckjord Station

Broadview Heights, seeking to limit drilling, is latest at odds with state

National Energy News

Fuel manufacturer threatens to sue EPA over renewable fuel standard

Stakeholders baffled, angry as Obama admin punts 2014 RFS

Cyberattackers have penetrated U.S. infrastructure systems -- NSA chief

Exelon-Pepco deal that would create giant Mid-Atlantic provider passes FERC muster

Report: Wind power saves $1.2 billion each year

The Downside of the Boom in North Dakota

Natural Gas Boom Is Drowning Out Coal Industry's Battle Cries

VA Cancels Contract With St. Cloud, Minn. Wind Turbine

While the college divestment campaign struggles, cities and pension funds see some benefits

Newest Ill. clean coal project searches for a way to sell its energy 

Clean energy groups join N.D.-Minn. energy appeal 

Judge: Illinois fracking rules can be published

Florida PSC set to rule on easing energy efficiency goals for utilities

University of Illinois researchers ID yield zones for three bioenergy crops

Proposed wind-energy transmission line jolts some farmers

Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels

Coal energy's best days are long gone

Coal's share of energy production likely to drop to 22 percent by 2020

Walmart is big consumer of coal energy

International Energy/Climate Change News

Germany to shut down eight more coal plants

Can china cut coal?

When polar bears attack

More than 100 glaciers have vanished from Glacier National Park

Buckeye trees in Michigan?

Americans would rather adapt to extreme weather than curb climate change

Climate change could affect future of Lake Michigan basin

Even Thanksgiving is connected to climate change