Friday, August 29, 2014

August 25-29, 2014


EPA appeals to minorities for climate rule 

Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty 

States Say EPA's New Power Plant Rules 'Unlawfully' Left Out Crucial Data 

GAO finds no fault with ‘social cost of carbon’

MIT study: Health benefits offset costs of climate policies 

U.N. Draft Report Lists Unchecked Emissions’ Risks 

One Democrat senate candidate's gamble on climate change 

Keystone XL pipeline stances are key in tight race for Nebraska governor 

'Major investment cycle' and rapidly changing U.S. energy markets pose fresh challenges for FERC -- Chairman LaFleur 

Democrats Say Climate Change Is As Big a Threat As ISIS 


Duke Energy starts Beckjord Station closing ahead of schedule 

Winter blackouts a danger in ‘rapid transition’ from coal, PJM warns 

Refusing a smart meter from AEP could cost you big dollars 

Duke Energy raises Ohio River oil spill estimates 

Cleanup of fuel-oil spill in Ohio River almost finished 

New power line spares Peninsular Farms 

State approves new wind farm in northern Ohio, despite objections 

Buckeye Wind, Hardin wind farms get extensions 

Old mines causing Rt. 33 to sag near Nelsonville 

Reality TV show looking for unemployed coal miners 

PD editorial: More reasons why FirstEnergy should disclose its energy-efficiency data 


WaPo editorial: China not an excuse for U.S. inaction on climate change

UN seeks 'Malala' on climate change

Climate Change Will Ruin Hawaii, New Study Suggests

Climate change’s souring effects on Haiti crops

This Approach to Climate Change Doesn't Involve Obama, the Senate or the UN

Climate researchers says profitable Australian fruit production safe from climate change for another 50 years


As rail jam persists, U.S. power plants rush to roads and rivers 

America’s coal heartland is in economic freefall — but only the most desperate are fleeing 

Minnesota regulators approve $160 million Enbridge Energy pipeline upgrade

For Minnesota churches, clean energy is a higher calling

Saltwater Spills Leave North Dakota Farmland Sterile For Years

Coal CEOs: Demise of coal 'exaggerated' 

TVA to replace coal plant 

Wisconsin DNR Denies WPS Request For Looser Mercury Levels 

In Minnesota transmission ruling, ‘perception is reality’ 

Fracking companies shun Quinn in Illinois gubernatorial race

Illinois fracking rules to be unveiled Friday

Explosion rocks BP Whiting Refinery


Ukraine warns Europe of Russian gas cut-off, Moscow denies

These countries have the most to lose if Russia shuts the gas valve

Total Stands Firm on Russian Gas Project Amid Ukraine Escalation

Kurdish oil tanker disappears off Texas coast

All’s Fair In Love And War And Oil


A Solar Bird Death Story Ignites Controversy

$25 million Camp Ripley solar farm will be largest in Minnesota

Combined cooling, heating and power system to save Michigan community college $60K a year

GM Brings Bike Sharing To Technical Center

New solar farm in Richmond, Ind. begins generating power


The story of Elon Musk and GM’s race to build the first mass-market electric car

Sci-Fi Carbon Capture Technology Not Ready For Primetime

Could Electric Vehicles Kill the Power Grid?

Rubber meets the road with new carbon, battery technologies

Materials Other Than Silicon for Next Generation Electronic Devices


Australian man accused of attack 'had name tattooed on his back'

Mystery of Death Valley's Moving Rocks Solved

5-pound Pomeranian is world's fastest on 2 feet

Vermont Bistro Scolded for Removing Its Bacon Sign

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Friday, August 22, 2014

August 18-22, 2014


Toxic air pollution has dropped dramatically, EPA tells Congress 

Energy secretary pushes for nuclear power 

Latino group sides with EPA on climate rule

U.S. government's nuclear watchdog victim of cyber attacks: report

Many Republicans Privately Support Action On Climate 

Microsoft leaves ALEC over renewable energy

Enbridge Avoids U.S. Review With Plan to Boost Oil Sands

Q&A: How a SuperPAC on a Shoestring Is Taking on Congress' Climate Apathy

Ameren: 1,200 megawatts of natural gas needed to comply with emissions rules


Drinking water safe after diesel fuel spill on Ohio River 

Poll: Plans to make you pay more to keep coal-fired power plants running is a "bailout"

Dynegy to buy assets from Duke, Energy Capital Partners

PUCO begins work on rules that will tell electric customers how much they’re paying for energy efficiency

Millions of dollars at stake for landowners, drillers in Supreme Court mineral rights case

Critics: Ohio case fits wider pattern of quieting fracking foes 

Ohio to Test Fuel Cells for Public Transit

Teacher-training program funded by oil and gas industry growing, while avoiding controversy 

Ohio group pushes for workplace electric vehicle charging 

Climate change may feed harmful Lake Erie algal blooms 

Green Energy Ohio wants to show you solar arrays and wind turbines up close and personal

Boston Globe editorial: States should not take Ohio’s lead on freezing renewable energy standards


Meet the scientists who sat Rick Scott down and explained climate change to him 

WaPo op-ed: Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change

How a Koch brother is combating climate change at a coal mine

Is Hawaii prepared for the impacts of climate change?

Climate change means more bugs, slimy ponds

Leonardo DiCaprio voices climate change film


Illinois coal plant owners say they've done their part

Bill would keep other states' radioactive fracking waste out of Michigan

Should Iowa farmers make way for Bakken pipeline?

First Enbridge trial begins in Michigan

Missouri utilities look to Kansas wind to comply with carbon proposal

South Dakota groups form alliance against Keystone XL pipeline

Illinois residents sue over Prairie State coal plant 

Wisconsin power line project could cost up to $580 million

Promise of a ‘clean coal’ future far from reality

IPL will convert Indianapolis coal plant to natural gas


China's Coal Gas Boom Holds Climate Change Risks

Gazprom says Ukraine's unpaid gas bill tops $5 billion 

Italy's Energy Options Narrow Amid Ongoing Unrest 

The cost of caring for Europe's elderly nuclear plants 

Oil thieves cause pipeline leak, pollute Mexico river

Germans Happily Pay More For Renewable Energy, But Would Others?


Solar Boom Driving First Global Panel Shortage Since 2006

Emerging solar plants scorch birds in mid-air

Solar Power Poses Lower Risk to Birds Than Cats or Cars

With Wind Energy Prices at All-Time Lows, DOE Is Cautiously Optimistic 

Iowa's support for renewable fuels confirmed with new poll

Can These New Small Wind Companies Finally Duplicate the Success of the Solar Industry?

Barrett to announce expansion of city's solar program

Advocates: Wisconsin solar fight could spill into other states


Clear Solar Panel Could Turn Smartphones And Tablets Into Mini Power Plants, Michigan Researchers Say

Siluria turns natural gas into gasoline for $1 per gallon

A platform to help consumers achieve sustainable energy consumption 

Study investigates power generation from the meeting of river water and seawater 


Friend of 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Man Dies in Dive After Raising $100,000

Giant grouper swallows shark whole

California Permits Outdoor Dining With Dogs

Md. Ban on Grain Alcohol Hurts Violin Makers

378 People 'Pay It Forward' at Fla. Starbucks

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Friday, August 15, 2014

August 11-15, 2014


FERC chief insists agency is 'on the job' as EPA's carbon rule takes hold

Diesel is used in fracking without permits, report says

Despite uptick in activity, wind industry faces uncertainty in Congress

Coal always wins and will stay No. 1, says Peabody Energy chief 

Journos, watchdog groups accuse EPA of muzzling scientists 

TVA's power shift spurs debate over wind, gas 

EPA approves Virent biofuel for use in cars, trucks 

EPA rule not such a boon for nuclear after all 

IRS Relaxes Renewable Energy Project Tax Credit Rule 

'Coal lady' looks to sell fuel to skeptical Democrats 

Company hasn't paid $1.5M state fine for ND oil wastewater violation; feds now investigating 

Keystone XL could mean more carbon emissions than estimated, study says


FirstEnergy Solutions to lose 70 people as its parent company abandons some retail markets

FirstEnergy touts benefits of plan critics decry as ‘bailout’

Group says Kasich evading records request on renewable rollback bill 

OSU Extension project helping Ohio communities avert bust after shale boom 

Global warming will make algae issues worse 

ArcelorMittal self-reported green energy shortfall and paid Ohio a quarter-million fine 

Ohio electric companies seek some regulation 

Direct Energy, IGS top survey of Ohio electricity consumers 

Report: Too few safeguards for drinking water near fracking wells 

Natural gas production increased tenfold in Utica shale play since 2012

Columbia to build 140 mile natural gas pipeline

PD Editorial: Ohio takes big risk with energy freeze


Study blames humans for most of melting glaciers

Yet another study confirms the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change

5 key threats to California from climate change

Kerry Raises Climate Change during Solomon Islands Visit 

Groups rally around think tank, publication being sued for global warming views 

Climate change may 'bottleneck' the Panama Canal and disrupt world trade

How to Talk About Climate Change So People Will Listen

National Parks Could Suffer Due to Climate Change, Study Finds


Awash in Coal, U.S. Imports Even More

Exelon, politics and Illinois' low-carbon future

Clean Line transmission project gets chilly reception in Missouri

BNSF promises expedited delivery to ease coal shortage in Wisconsin

North Dakota energy policy: $1 billion for roads and bridges

S.C. coal plant, efficient but doomed, offers lessons for states grappling with EPA rule 

Oneida Tribe fights suit over waste-to-energy plant

Oil companies fracking into drinking water sources, new research shows

While Michigan utilities balk on solar, Lansing has big plans 

Nebraska court ruling on Keystone XL pipeline not expected until 2015 


After 76 Years Of Nationalism, Oil-rich Mexico Welcomes Foreign Capital

Mexico Allocates 83 Percent of Reserves to Pemex

Mexico puts out the welcome mat for Big Oil 

U.S. anti-coal dominoes hit BRICS wall, other skeptics

China’s Shale Gas Bust

Panama Canal Turns 100 With Renewed LNG Ambitions

Over 60% of Africans without Power – Will Build Coal Power Plants


America is making lots of solar energy. What’s holding it back from making solar panels?

Coal-fired rural co-ops dig in against EPA emission rules, but a few mavericks flirt with renewables

Streamlined permits speed up solar development in Chicago

DOE to fund $55 million in vehicle efficiency, electric vehicle projects

Here's One Company That's Really Psyched About EPA's Big Climate-Change Rule

Large solar array planned at Ford headquarters

Kellogg plans to reduce carbon emissions

Do revolving doors actually save energy?

Builders to break ground for Iowa hydroelectric plant

Eco-friendly solar-pedal hybrid bike hits Milwaukee's streets

Construction of Wind Farms is Surging in 2014


Report: Some Retiring Power Plants May Not Need To Be Replaced

Thermoelectric devices turn waste heat into electricity for vehicles and other machines

Why the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle rollout may now succeed

Seven-fold energy density breakthrough for electric car batteries

Longer-Lasting Battery Is Being Tested for Wearable Devices


Remembering Robin Williams

Lauren Bacall Dies at 89; in a Bygone Hollywood, She Purred Every Word

Gizmo the cat falls nine stories from Manhattan building and survives

Massachusetts to use more humor on highway signs

Wisconsin cops pull over 13-year-old drunk driver

Chicken crossing road blocks traffic in Oregon

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Friday, August 8, 2014

August 4-8, 2014


EPA declares climate rule hearings successful 

DOE's Moniz to travel this month for energy review

Senate bill builds carbon capture facilities

FERC member John Norris to step down 

Government names new director of National Energy Technology Lab 

Why open access advocates aren’t thrilled with the DOE’s plan to expand public access to its research

Emails: Mary Landrieu, Citgo fend off Venezuela sanctions 

Sherwood-Randall’s nomination for deputy energy secretary pending before Senate committee 

DOE to give $18 million for geothermal projects 

Waste Management Sees Growth With EPA Coal-Ash Disposal Rule 

Greens, union launch $2.1M operation in Michigan Senate race 

Gulf Coast residents tell EPA: We’re Not Secondary To Refinery Profits

DOT: Rail insurance inadequate for oil train accidents 


FirstEnergy proposes new rate plan to have consumers guarantee sales for two Ohio power plants 

Sierra Club calls FirstEnergy plan ‘bailout’ for old, dirty coal plants

Ohio among the dozen states to file suit against new coal rules

Ohioan gets prison after workers dump toxic drilling brine

Ohio wins $400 million renewable diesel facility 

Ohioans comparing electricity and gas prices at new Energy Choice Ohio website 

Ohio nears 1,000th fracking well milestone

FirstEnergy says PUCO shouldn’t hear schools’ complaint over polar vortex charge

Ohio State’s latest ‘Block O’ will create solar power

Ohio utilities take net metering fight to state Supreme Court

PD editorial board: PUCO needs to unseal FirstEnergy docs on energy efficiency


Feds map climate change threats to electricity, oil supplies 

Has the era of the ‘climate change refugee’ begun? 

Ed Fallon's climate-change awareness trek reaches Iowa

New York Times: Shattering myths to help the climate 

Emma Thompson visits Arctic to send Tony Abbott a climate change message 

Sony Classics Grabs documentary ‘Merchants Of Doubt’ about professional climate change skeptics 

Study asks: Is climate change to blame for stronger, more frequent tornadoes? 


NRG plans to close or convert coal units in Illinois

Oil lease proposed to Michigan DNR under 400-year-old virgin pines

North Dakota tribe wants fees for natural gas flaring

Xcel to increase investments in natural gas

Wisconsin's role in oil boom highlighted by latest proposed pipeline

Chicago suburb shuts down village hall after alleged threats over power plant

Iowa governor still on the fence over proposed pipeline

BNSF pressured to deliver more coal

Demand for frac sand takes off

Sand mine Gov. Scott Walker touted settles state pollution case


Nuclear is generating less of world's power; renewables are accelerating 

American energy is changing global markets 

How Ontario won the War on Coal 

How Libya blew billions and its best chance at democracy 

Africa Needs Fossil Fuels to End Energy Apartheid 

Japan bets on 'clean coal' to revive Fukushima 

Global gasoline consumption set to plummet 


Solar, wind generation surpassing hydropower 

Minnesota regulators side with utility in value-of-solar case

Three Minnesota electric co-ops say solar farm is just a start

Report Argues Wisconsin's Solar Energy Growth Has Been Hampered By Policy, Utilities

Utilities, advocates find common ground on community solar 

Chicago, Cook County walk-ups get help to go green

Lincoln, Neb. utility crowdfunds solar initiative


Carbon captured from power plants potential key to future oil production

Stacking Cells Could Make Solar as Cheap as Natural Gas 

Used cigarette butts offer energy storage solution 

GM joins national smart grid consortium

Why some utilities are warming up to microgrids 

Tesla chief predicts price parity with gasoline-powered cars within 10 years


Baby breaches fence at White House 

Remains of 9 Jonestown Massacre Victims Found in Defunct Delaware Funeral Home 

Fair-goers: We were fed pot-laced chocolate

Monkey selfies spark copyright dispute 

World's Tallest Waterslide to Open in Kansas

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