Friday, January 23, 2015

January 19-23, 2015


Obama in State of the Union: No greater threat to future than climate change 

House passes bill on gas pipelines, as Senate considers Keystone XL 

Could Keystone poison the Senate's energy plans? 

Portman/Shaheen efficiency amendment to Keystone bill draws rare consensus 

TransCanada takes steps to acquire Keystone pipeline land 

Republicans outfox Democrats on climate votes

James Inhofe, Senate's most vocal climate change skeptic, takes charge of Environment Committee

Pew survey shows Americans might finally be getting serious about global warming

Romney: Climate change among America's major issues

Two charitable orgs donate $48 million to help states cut emissions 

FERC Demand Response Resource Order May Be Heading to the Supreme Court

DoE offers $55M for efficient vehicle technology

Iowa wants ethanol front and center in 2016 race

NRC inspectors find no 'chilled work environment' at Palisades Nuclear Plant

FERC delays Duke Energy’s Midwest fleet sale over market competition concerns

Environmentalists balk at Scott Walker's carbon limits lawsuit 


Kasich to pick among four finalists to fill PUCO seat 

FirstEnergy rate plan pummeled during PUCO hearing as 80 demand to testify 

AEP's coal use to fall slightly in 2015 at regulated power plants

Drops in Ohio clean energy investment could hurt jobs, growth 

Ohio wetlands not off-limits to coal mining, state appeals court rules 

Flip of a switch could cut power for Ohio utility’s customers 

Full air-pollution test results due from Lima oil-refinery blast 

British firm seeks to open $200 million refinery plant in Ashtabula County

Ohio Valley Coal withdraws application to mine under Barkcamp State Park

Springfield Coal affiliate drops plans for strip mine near Canton

Coal producer Oxford Resource Partners fined $650,00 by U.S. EPA 

Oxford, B&N plan new surface coal mines in Ohio

State lawmaker touts the benefits of clean power for Ohio

Waterless-fracking company that tested in Ohio seeking protection from creditors


'War on coal' rhetoric belies robust forecast for coal-fired electricity 

Montana city gets OK to drink water after oil spill in Yellowstone River 

U.S. motorists kept pedal to metal in November, upping mileage 

Will Michigan’s energy plan rely too heavily on natural gas?

Barriers set up, water being testing at North Dakota site of 3 million-gallon saltwater spill

N.D. oil boomtown: 'We could see 20,000 layoffs by June'

Planned solar farm in southwest MN draws fire from residents

Nearly 3M gallons of brine spill; ND oil boom's largest leak

Kansas quakes likely caused by disposal of fracking wastewaster

Kansas City P&L plants to stop burning coal at three plants

Study used to bolster NY fracking ban developed by anti-fracking activists 

Peabody Energy says it's ready for coal market to turn


Was 2014 The Hottest Year On Record — Or Not?

Pope's Climate-Change Stand Deepens Conservatives' Distrust 

Climate change inaction pushes 'doomsday clock' closest to midnight since 1984

Study: Climate change could hammer Iowa ag, manufacturing

Pharrell Williams wants everyone to pay attention to climate change

Davos 2015: climate change makes a comeback

How climate change is shifting time for animals and plants


OPEC’s El-Badri Says Oil Will Rebound Instead of Fall to $20

The Oil Price Tag That Investors Say Would Signal a Global Recession 

Obama's visit to India includes climate change talks

What now for oil after Saudi king's death?

Drought Forcing Brazil To Turn To Gas

Putin's New Gas Strategy Actually Makes Sense

Fukushima: Prosecutors Again Decline to Indict Ex-Tepco Executives


Amazon to power cloud with wind farm in Indiana 

Why utilities across the nation are embracing community solar

Solar companies, advocates go to court to stop We Energies solar fees

U.S. Wind-Power Installations Rose Sixfold in 2014

America Installed 22 Times More Solar in 2014 Than in 2008

Higher renewable standard could boost Minnesota’s economy

NRG's Grand Ambition To Dominate The Solar Market

Backers of high-voltage line that would deliver Kansas wind power seek customers


Resurrecting a Meltdown-Proof Reactor Design 

Improving customer access to energy data can cut costs, protect environment

A common confusion over net metering is undermining utilities and the grid

Can you save money by only half-filling the fuel tank?

Research aims to improve lithium-based batteries


Peggy Charren, Children’s TV Crusader, Dies at 86

Man Rents Excavator, Bulldozes Home Without Telling Wife: "She's Aware of it Now; We're Good"

American Man Close to Running 7 Marathons in 7 Days on 7 Continents

'Worst passwords' list is full of embarrassing options 

4 Bears Die of Chocolate Overdoses; Expert Proposes Ban on Using it as Bait

Man cited in Georgia for eating cheeseburger while driving

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Friday, January 16, 2015

January 12-16, 2015


Oil Prices Fall to Lowest Since 2009 

Obama Is Planning New Rules on Oil and Gas Industry’s Methane Emissions 

EPA air chief Janet McCabe 'confident' as rulemakings face legal, political fire

PJM files with FERC 'stop-gap' proposal for allowing DR participation in capacity auctions

Boehner: 'I'll let scientists' debate climate change

Bernie Sanders Forces Republicans to State Their Views on Climate Change 

The Left Wants More Republican Ammo on Climate Change 

Moderate Republicans believe in climate change. There just aren’t many moderate Republicans.

Drillers Say Obama Plan to Plug Methane Leaks Imperils Boom

Keystone-Oil Export Ban Sought by Manchin

House GOP wants to revive Yucca nuke dump

Is Keystone still necessary as oil, gasoline prices dip?

Nebraska landowners still have options in Keystone dispute



Ohio renewable energy policies spurred growth, legislative freeze now slowing it 

Candidates for PUCO seat include Ohio Department of Commerce chief

FirstEnergy, AEP among top donors to Kasich inaugural parties

CEO Akins weighs in on AEP’s Goldman Sachs hiring as it mulls power plant sales

How Ohio electric bills ‘bury’ multiple charges

Cold raises questions of Ohio’s energy vulnerability

Gahanna studies installing chargers for electric cars

Massive turbo generator finally moves from Mount Vernon

Former rising star of U.S. wind energy industry Cardinal Fastener is shutting down 

Husky Lima refinery will be closed for week after explosion 

Squirrel causes power outage, school closure in Cincy

Pipeline activists meet state officials

Nextronex moves into new facilities in Holland 


US coal output to slip in 2015-2016 after rising 1.2% in 2014

Rick Snyder wants to wean Michigan off coal as an energy source

Dynegy to keep most of Edwards coal-fired power plant open, retire 80-MW unit

Wis. coal plant could run for decades with planned emissions controls

Minnesota study finds more preparation needed for oil disasters

Illinois community college to offer degree in fracking

Drilling declines in North Dakota on low oil prices

Some Say Indiana Gov’s Coal Crusade Doesn’t Address Opportunities

Plan would ease reliability concerns for Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Slow going for fracking registration in Illinois


Pope Francis says climate change mostly man's fault

Social cost of climate change too low, scientists say

Report: Climate change and extinctions have put Earth into a 'danger zone' for humanity

How much is climate change going to cost us?

Russia's Forests Overlooked in Climate Change Fight

Boston Releases Plan For Action On Climate Change 

UK and USA likely to survive climate change apocalypse, says new study 


OPEC claims first blood in oil war with US frackers

Oil Companies Are Begging The UK Government To Bail Them Out

India oil imports from Iran jump sharply in 2014

UK coal use to fall to lowest level since industrial revolution

Why China’s New Power-Use Record Isn’t as Electrifying As it Sounds\

Mexico suffers gasoline shortages because of pipeline thefts


Duke to Make First Utility-Scale Solar Buy in Indiana 

Oil could drive down ethanol profits, but industry shielded

In Wisconsin, solar ‘new math’ could equal big impacts

Falling oil prices adding to Kansas' revenue shortfall 

Missouri net metering bills could aid battered solar industry

Solar jobs now outnumber coal jobs 2-to-1

In Indiana, utilities ‘rewriting the rules’ on efficiency, solar

Ameren Missouri raises energy efficiency charges

Ikea rooftop solar array to be largest in Missouri 

Michigan study shows ‘modest’ costs to expand renewables 


Study: Growing competition, tougher rules haunt U.S. coal market

Imposing carbon price would spur bioenergy, slash emissions -- MIT study

DoE shows off 3D-printed Shelby Cobra 

Largest-ever study quantifies the value of rooftop photovoltaics

Can an Advanced Nuclear Reactor Design Ever Be Approved in the US?

World's most powerful electrical testing system unveiled 


This Year’s Oscar Season Already Has Its Own "Adele Dazeem."

Illinois Family Creates 45-Foot-Tall Icicle in Front Yard

Magazine May Have Published Image of Secret Russian Submarine

Bobcat Survives Car Collision After Getting Stuck in Grille

28-pound rainbow trout caught in northern Idaho would have been record-breaker

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Friday, January 9, 2015

January 5-9, 2015


EPA delays climate rule; final rules for both new and existing sources expected mid-summer 

For States That Don’t File Carbon-Cutting Plans, E.P.A. Will Impose ‘Model Rule’

With Veto Threat, Obama and Congress Head for Collision Over Keystone Pipeline

Experts Say That Battle on Keystone Pipeline Is Over Politics, Not Facts

Nebraska court still factors into Keystone XL's future

Keystone backers victorious in South Dakota PUC ruling

EPA Chief: Arguing climate change is 'kind of nuts'

EPA Moves to Count Methane Emissions from Fracking

Inhofe says gas tax hike on the table

Sen. Kirk (R-Ill.) disavows climate change ahead of expected Senate vote

Senate’s top climate change denier (Inhofe) taking center stage 

DOE wants 'zero energy' building standards 

Groups sue to force EPA's hand on oil and gas emissions

U.S. Solar Tariff Review Hints at Halved Chinese Cells Rate

SCOTUS case could alter scope of FERC natural gas regulation

DOL: Coal-related deaths in 2014 lowest ever in U.S.


Utilities prepared for spike in demand from below-zero chill 

AEP explores selling its unregulated power plants

PUCO holding public hearings on FirstEnergy power plant plans

AEP expects PUCO decision soon on smart meters

Study links March 2014 quakes in Mahoning County to fracking  

U.S. Steel idling 2 pipe plants, including one in Lorain, because of slump in oil prices

Report: Davis-Besse contributes $1.1B to Ohio economy

Miami University study links earthquakes and drilling, suggests partnership to detect fault lines

Franklin County waste-to-energy project in jeopardy over company's unpaid bills


BNSF must provide emergency coal delivery plans

Vermont Yankee Closure Punctuates New Reality for U.S. Nuclear Power

Wisconsin frac sand firms stung by falling oil prices

Hundreds pack emotional Sandpiper oil pipeline hearing in Bemidji, Minn.

Iowa gov to Legislature: Stay off Utilities Board turf

Vigo Coal pursuing market for two new Indiana surface mines

Illinois report says Exelon nuclear straits not so dire

NRC officials to discuss Palisades Nuclear Plant (Mich.) safety violation

Progress on pipeline project through Iowa not affected by drop in oil prices

As in Wisconsin, Missouri utilities seek to raise fixed charges

Oil production continues to slow in N.D. as prices drop

Heavyweight Response to Local Fracking Bans


West Virginia school board alters climate change education standards

Leave fossil fuels buried to prevent climate change, study urges

Governments Told to Plan for Climate Change Migrants

Pope Francis plants a flag in the ground on climate change 

Slate: The Carbon Diet Fallacy

NASA takes climate change study to the air


Xcel to double down on renewable energy in Minnesota 

Report: Rooftop solar already cheaper than utility rates in most major cities

Minnesota discovering energy efficiency not always an easy sell

Owners of two Minnesota wind farms file for bankruptcy court protection

Trailblazing solar electrical project coming to central Minnesota 

Michigan's 'wind capital' considers turbine moratorium 


China builds world's largest coal mine gas unit to make power 

Scotland's electricity generation could be carbon-free by 2030 report suggests

Tokyo Gas plans Japan's first offshore gas pipeline 

London Is Upgrading A 100-year-old Power Plant To Power Its Underground Train


Will drivers keep plugging in to electric cars as gas prices fall?

Oklahoma leads nation in earthquakes in 2014, link to fracking suspected

Do companies deliberately underreport environmental progress?

Perovskite solar cell reaches record efficiency

Smart money is on storing energy, not carbon, says economist


#JeSuisCharlie: World Shows Solidarity with Paris Shooting Victims

Columbus Museum of Art apologizes for gunman figure placed in Lego model city

Got Lots of Money, Honey? You Can Buy Elvis' Jets 

Autonomous Audi A7 concept steers itself from San Francisco to Las Vegas for CES 

Wine director fails at bottle-opening trick on live TV

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Friday, December 19, 2014

December 15-19, 2014


Coal-heavy electric cooperatives take hard line on EPA Clean Power Plan 

Lawyers gird for fight against EPA's Clean Power Plan based on states' rights 

Congress renews tax breaks for wind, biofuel - for two more weeks 

Coal Ash Decision To Cloud The Lines Between EPA And Conservative Congress 

Dam breaks, tainted wells prompt new look at coal-ash dumps that escaped EPA review 

Fight looms over $3 billion Obama administration payment to UN-linked climate fund 

Computer models contest EPA Clean Power Plan's reliability impacts 

Industry's mercury challenge could undermine attack on EPA climate rule 

Senate Confirms Collette Honorable to Fill Vacant FERC Commissioner Slot 

Midwest collaborative seeks flexibility on Clean Power Plan

Transmission monitor defends consultant choice for review of EPA plan 

GAO faults nuke regulator’s cost-benefit analysis 

New York to ban fracking; environmentalists cheer 

Crucial Keystone ruling from Nebraska Supreme Court coming soon

Michigan regulators say greenhouse gas proposal unfair


Alexander to step down as CEO of FirstEnergy 

Families flee out-of-control natural-gas leak at Monroe County fracking well 

AEP exec: PUCO testimony to focus on legality and public policy 

Alternative-energy compliance costs to show up on Ohio electric bills 

Ohio's big energy mistake: Experts debate state's future 

Ohio Energy Tour: Columbus blundered on energy law 

‘Bailout’ or safeguard? Income guarantee for AEP power plant debated 

While seeking ‘bailout,’ Ohio utilities keep cost data secret 

Amid setbacks, Ohio energy tour looks on the bright side 

Ohio State professor: History has well written the dangers of climate change 

Athens gets greener with new geothermal system


More than 500 rigs may shut down as oil slides, analysts say 

North Dakota could lose billions in oil tax revenue if low oil prices persist 

Indiana Utility Counselor says Duke customers owed a $114.8M

Regulators won't delay vote on Wisconsin Energy-Integrys deal

Minnesota Power exec tells regulators of coal-shipping woes 

Chicago health commissioner blasts KCBX over petcoke 

Wisconsin DNR concedes its rules are faulty, then allows more frac sand mining 


Poll: Half of Republicans back limits on carbon 

A Climate Accord Based on Global Peer Pressure 

Readers vote 'Global warming is a hoax' as PolitiFact Lie of the Year

Shrinking ship bubbles ‘could counteract climate change’

Europe's Record Heat Tied Directly to Climate Change

Climate change could cut 18 percent of world food production by 2050

NHL defends ice in new push against climate change


Putin Says Russian Economy Must Brace for $40-a-Barrel Oil 

Mexican energy sector is being reopened to the private sector 

IEA Scolds U.S. For Waffling On Wind Tax Credit 

Enbridge Shuts Oil Pipeline to U.S. After Spill in Canada 

India Reports Positive Talks With U.S. Nuclear Advance Team


Big solar step: Super-efficient system sets record

Nearly $1B Available for PACE Projects in 2014 

Minnesota coalition plans push for higher renewable energy standard in '15 session 

North Dakota regulators approve $240 million wind farm

Indiana Energy Plan Proposals Coming From Pence And Legislators 

Consumers Energy completes 111-megawatt Cross Winds Energy Park in Tuscola County. Mich. 

Minnesota utility regulators authorize Xcel generating projects 


Betting on the Need, Scientists Work on Lighter, Cleaner Nuclear Energy 

Study: Your all-electric car may not be so green 

Here’s how electric cars could be cheaper than gas guzzlers within a decade 

Can new drill tech unleash the potential of geothermal energy? 

Company's residential battery works as household command center 


Boy Sends $1 Allowance to Help Save UAB Football

Passengers Describe Terrifying Flight With Severe Mid-Air Turbulence

New Zealand couple manages to lock themselves in keyless car for 13 hours

SoCal Residents Riled Over Christmas Display of Pot-Smoking Santa

Counting Blessings: Baby Girl Born at 10:11 on 12/13/14

NCAA basketball player with inoperable brain tumor to become honorary coach

Time capsule found at Massachusetts Statehouse

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