Friday, July 25, 2014

July 21-25, 2014

New York Times: States against EPA rule on carbon pollution would gain, study finds

EPA gears up for public hearings on climate rule

Republican senator to McCarthy: 'You don't run this country' 

Crude export policy is shifting 

Parternship for a Better Energy Future to EPA: Climate rule 'not workable'

Moniz defends DOE loan programs

Congressional and labor leaders meet to address backlog of black-lung-stricken miners

Mine Safety & Health Administration issues 200 violates to 13 mines

U.S. nuclear plants ill-prepared for worst-case scenarios, report says

Franken: EPA may scale back renewable fuel cuts

DOT rule proposal seeks 'new world order' for rail, by rail

Climate change hits all Pentagon operations, official says

Sens. Klobuchar, Grassley want probe of ethanol sales restrictions 

Bloomberg: A carbon tax even Republicans can support

Corralling Carbon Before It Belches From Stack 


Halliburton delayed releasing details on fracking chemicals after Monroe County spill

Despite renewable freeze, all but one of Ohio's regulated utilities keeping green energy programs

Businesses benefit from Ohio shale boom

TransCanada considering 500-mile natural gas pipeline from Ohio to shores of Lake Michigan

Plans for LNG pipeline from Tuscarawas County to Texas moving forward 

Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority to buy back bonds invested in Xunlight

Town hall meeting to discuss possible Piketon layoffs 

Utica shale 'sweet spot' still to be found, report says

Stark State’s oil and gas job-training center on track for January launch 

Solar array to supply power to Toledo Zoo

Blade guest editorial: On energy bill, Kasich owes Ohioans an explanation


Report: Sunday shows giving climate change more air time

The New Republic: The hidden, horrifying impacts of climate change 

California climate change policies to hit pocketbooks

Who is most to blame for climate change?

Study gives hope of adaptation to climate change

Hit by climate change, dwindling Antarctic seal population grows more diverse


Coal company pain accelerates as bankruptcy cases rise

Enbridge pipeline in Straits of Mackinac needs more supports, Michigan AG says

DTE Energy to close two coal-fired units

Judge strikes down Longmont, Colo. fracking ban

Sierra Club wants Indianapolis coal plant closed

Michigan legislators seek 'energy freedom' for consumers 

Anti-coal activist avoids prison after hoax 

Environmental coalition wants Illinois coal-fired plant closed

Canadian National Railway oil train derails in Wisconsin

Complexity dogs mileage-fee concept

Missouri Supreme Court to review coal ash suit


Ukraine crisis is testing EU's resolve

China's plan to limit coal use could spur consumption for years

Coal India's plans for 20 mines hit by land, environment delays

Electric cars for UK government fleets 

Iraqi Kurdish oil may finally be freely for sale 


Conservationists, wind-farm advocates clash over eagle safety

Brownback supports phasing out Kansas renewable energy rule

Cook County, Ill. to cut buildings' carbon emissions 

South Dakota PUC rejects request to require electric cooperatives to buy wind power 
Minnesota 'behavior' programs show energy-saving results


GM working on Sonic EV with 200-mile range

Flexible, Printed Batteries for Wearable Devices 

Why a Minimum Bill May Be a Solution to Net Metering Battles 

EVs offer a major growth opportunity for utilities 

Affordable batteries for green energy are closer than we think

UW-Milwaukee researcher works to build largest microgrid 


LeBron James sends 800 cupcake apologies to neighbors 

232 teeth removed from tumor on Indian boy's jaw

Police probe mysterious porcelain dolls left in front of homes in Orange County, Calif.

The Battle to Be King of the Lumberjacks 

Milwaukee barber sentenced for role in Stradivarius violin theft 

White Sox inadvertently turn rainy game into Klan rally?

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Friday, July 18, 2014

July 14-18, 2014


White House announces climate change initiatives 

EPA's McCarthy pushes states to adopt carbon-cutting 'investment strategy' 

U.S. oil export ban seen weakening rather than dying 

EPA's No. 2 leaving for environmental group

EPA watchdog finds 'no indications of bias' against conservatives

EPA backs off on wage garnishment rule

Manchin stands by coal measure in Ex-Im bill

Tom Steyer struggles to find big-money donors

House passes $34B energy-water spending bill

Appeals court backs EPA's mining restraints, rules against industry in mountaintop coal mining

DOJ sues Entergy for not reporting affirmative action compliance

DOE predicts slowdown in annual power plant growth 


Solar-panel project to heat Chillicothe prison's cell blocks

Two drilling companies sue Broadview Heights over ban on oil and gas wells 

Piketon uranium site cleanup may lay off 700 workers 

State OKs Clean Energy Ballot Issue Language, Supporters Can Start Collecting Petitions

AEP Ohio ranks near bottom for residential customer satisfaction in Midwest, J.D. Power finds

Waste to energy power plants could generate an eighth of U.S. power says Cleveland's Quasar Energy 

Wet gas means more profits for Ohio, says state

Ohio scientist tests water before fracking soars

Editorial: Why is Cleveland so negative about renewable energy? 


Risky Business: Climate threats to the Midwest

Americans want the U.S. to act on climate change — even if it goes alone 

The billionaire climate change war heats up

Could we engineer greener humans? 

Florida scientists press Gov. Rick Scott on climate change

Though Scorned by Colleagues, a Climate-Change Skeptic Is Unbowed 

Pa. Court further limits reach of gas drilling law 

New class of utility executive puts focus on customer 

Map: Which states have the most expensive energy bills

Basin Electric among 2 utilities interested in hosting Wyoming CO2 lab 

Hungry U.S. Power Plant Turns to Russia for Coal Shipment 

Colo. governor asks public to reject oil, gas limits 

Duke completes coal ash cleanup in Virginia river

Cold winter still costing Wisconsin electric customers

How the rise of electricity transformed urban life in Detroit

Exelon petitions New York to rescue ailing nuclear plant

$1B CCS project in Texas would be world's largest


Australia repeals controversial carbon tax

EU gas, coal prices jump on Ukraine plane crash 

China Will Enforce The Use Of Clean Coal Starting August 1 

Japan gives green light to restart pair of nuclear reactors 

Russia's ambitious energy diplomacy in Latin America 

Shell discovers 100M barrels of oil in Gulf of Mexico


On energy efficiency, U.S. ranks 13th out of 16 

Microsoft to buy wind power for Chicago data center

Battle lines form in California: farms vs. solar vs. high-speed rail 

$5 million waste biomass processing plant planned in Michigan

Iowa Supreme Court rules in favor of third party solar 

Solar vs. electric battles heating up in Iowa, Wisconsin 

Without state regulation, Iowa counties get tougher on wind projects

Agreement clears way for Duke Energy hydro license 

How Dogs Can Save Birds From Being Incinerated by a Solar Power Plant


WaPo Wonkblog: EPA’s carbon plan asks the least from states that pollute the most 

History will condemn climate change denialists 

The decline of coal in West Virginia

Why is the EPA stalling on ethanol?

Clean Power, Off the Grid

Steyer: How climate change changed me

Climate hysteria doesn't help anyone


Tesla Motors targets the masses with cheaper Model 3 electric car 

What Coal Technologies Will Meet the EPA’s New Carbon Rules? 

Thermoelectric Material to Hit Market Later This Year 

Federal data belie cyberthreat to electric utilities  

Google's latest project: mapping small gas leaks in US cities

How 3 states are moving forward with microgrids 

Electric Cars Will Change the Way You Power Your Home 

Elaine Stritch, Broadway’s Enduring Dame, Dies at 89 

Johnny Winter, Virtuosic Blues Guitarist, Dies at 70 

Mosquito trap causes bomb scare at Wyoming power plant 

Identity theft ring a real Mickey Mouse operation

Man starts fire using 'blowtorch' to kill spider

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Friday, July 11, 2014

July 7-11, 2014

U.S. lawmakers threaten to subpoena EPA over power plant regs

Obama admits his climate plan could raise electricity prices 

McCarthy mocks NY Times in staff memo

GOP senators slam EPA on wage garnishment

House passes appropriations bill funding DOE

New EPA regulations are shaking up legal industry

Mayors group scraps cap-and-trade support

Tom Steyer's aims are shadowed by past in coal

Global warming activist group calls Obama's regulations 'pointless' 

Rolling coal: Anti-EPA drivers rig vehicles to spew black fumes 

New regs on water heaters moving forward 

Indiana gov to Congress: Defund climate regs 

EPA moves to ban certain HFCs 

Senate bill increases natural gas exports to US allies 

FERC nominees set for vote Tuesday

U.S. senators press for probe of report that oil companies blocked ethanol

Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.) files bill to stop all EPA regulations

House rejects bids to abandon nuclear waste site at Yucca Mountain

The fight to export U.S. oil


Public schools file complaint against FirstEnergy over polar vortex charge

Portman considering presidential run, but no plans yet

Ohio study finds more costs than benefits in shale gas drilling

Storm likely culprit of false fire alarm at Davis-Besse 

Cincinnati Zoo spotlights solar energy

Coal poised for rare win over Obama

University of Dayton divests in coal and fossil fuels


Public opinion on climate change: Is the glass half-full or half-empty for policymakers?

IPCC must consider alternate policy views, researchers say 

In Las Vegas, Climate Change Deniers Regroup, Vow to Keep Doubt Alive 

Cities and businesses prepare for the threat climate change poses to water

Hot weather, climate change raise risk of painful health condition 

How Hot Your City Could Be By 2100 If Climate Change Goes Unchecked 

Climate change deniers rebranding as 'climate optimists' 

BBC staff told to stop inviting climate change skeptics on programs 


Gas, power industries getting better acquainted in wake of polar vortex

Utility bill spikes caused by lack of electric, gas coordination, experts say

Wisconsin's reactor's demise shows nuclear towns' plight

Pittsburgh-area coal, gas-drilling waste plant closes, leaves mess

N.C. House OKs amended coal ash bill

Mackinac Island oil spill possible if Straits pipeline breaks, study says

Texas energy company planning crude oil pipeline in Iowa

Illinois lags in hiring to oversee fracking accord

Kentucky coal group sues TVA over Paradise plant

N.J. Democrats Seek Way Around Christie on Carbon Program


Kerry: US, China will 'set tone' on climate change

European countries think America's oil export ban is unfair and illegal 

ISIL has added a lucrative new business line in Iraq: oil smuggling

Global oil exploration nears $1 trillion

Power plants running out of coal, imports to surge

UK wins carbon capture funding from EU 


DOE announces $4B in renewable energy loans

Chicago unveils new rooftop solar discount program 

Solar panels to be installed at two Flint General Motors' plants

American Bird Conservatory files suit against wind turbines

Energy efficiency becomes hot market for tech companies 


If it's a war on coal, coal is winning 

Cleaning up coal 

Washington's War On My Family


Roadside Noise Barrier to Generate Solar Energy

Making a wire-free future

Efficient thermal cooling and heating

Building much smaller, greener electronics



Columbus man has the world debating potato salad with Kickstarter plan

Police Arrest Man Accused of Kicking Police Horse
Selective Service mistakenly sends 14,000 draft notices to men born in 1800s

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Friday, June 27, 2014

June 23-27, 2014


Supreme Court: EPA can regulate greenhouse gas emissions, with some limits
Related: Supreme Court Ruling Backs Most EPA Emission Controls
Related: Supreme Court nibbles at EPA’s greenhouse gas powers
Related: EPA's first carbon regs nearly unscathed after years of litigation

Obama: Climate change steps making a difference

Coal industry stance on climate science unclear as arguments focus on economics 

Bipartisan report tallies high toll on economy from global warming

Will court ruling on demand response affect reliability?


U.S. ruling loosens four-decade ban on oil exports

Keystone path illegal, foes tell Nebraska court

House passes pipeline permitting bill

U.S. Conference of Mayors unanimously passes climate change ideas

House passes energy efficiency bills

Analyst sees Illinois Basin, PRB as winners under proposed EPA carbon rule
Related: NRP projects rise in Illinois Basin coal demand, output; sees price recovery soon


Babcock & Wilcox, Ohio State University to design clean coal power plant

University of Dayton to cut coal and fossil fuel investments

147 citations issued during MSHA mine inspections (inspections included mines in Ohio)

Despite funding setback, Lake Erie wind project pushes ahead

Latta slams proposed emissions restrictions

Fracking planned at Morgan County spill site as cleanup ends

Cleveland partnership aims to retrofit aging municipal buildings for energy efficiency

P.D. guest columnist: Climate rules won't bring down Ohio's economy


Study: Conservatives don't deny climate science because of ignorance, but because of who they are

Wall Street: Your Climate War Has Arrived

U.S. government helping farmers tackle climate change on a local level

The E.U.'s very shoddy report on climate change

What ailing pteropods tell us about climate change

Could the military turn the tide on climate change?

Have we finally learned how to talk about climate change?

Scientist offers $10K to anyone who can disprove human-instigated climate change 


States confront worries about fracking, quakes

EPA to reassess Minnesota coal power plant's effect on two national parks

NRC finds Michigan nuclear plant's actions 'insufficient' to correct chilled work environment in security

North Dakota pipeline to Minnesota and Wisconsin gets approval

Michigan AG files complaints over Chesapeake's land-leasing practices

North Dakota discloses oil train shipment details

Rahm Emanuel's electric deal means higher summer bills for Chicagoans

Prairie State Generating Company names new chief operating officer

St. Louis group to appeal ruling on coal ballot measure

Kansas residents concerned about pipeline eruption

Minnesota could face bigger carbon-reduction hurdle

Illinois DNR seeking maps of old underground coal mines


Europe’s energy independence from Russia impossible in short term

Related: Putin pledges reliable energy supplies to Europe

Could Estonia's oil shale bolster Europe's energy security?

Pressure builds against France's ban on fracking

Mexico's historic energy reform will be felt from Brazil to China

German MPs adopt cuts for green energy subsidies


Customer costs rise slightly as Wisconsin utilities use more renewables

Report: Michigan could expand solar without raising rates 

GM to build 2 solar arrays in Michigan 

Lawsuit seeks continuation of Missouri solar rebates 

Fund created to help launch green energy businesses in Illinois

Minnesota revs up renewable fuels with higher biodiesel blend

Rooftop solar leases scaring buyers when homeowners sell



New York Times: On Balance, a Good SCOTUS Ruling on Emissions
Related: Revisionist history on greenhouse gas regulation 
Related: High Court ruling is a victory for EPA authority
Related: An EPA victory in the climate change battle 

Obama's carbon order increases nuclear energy's odds

Hank Paulson, W's treasury secretary: 'We must not lose sight of the profound economic risks of doing nothing' on climate change

Climate change: The peril is in all the things we don't know


New technology helps find happy middle between low temps and high bills

The State of the Microgrid Market: Promise and Present Realities

Small startup Go Electric lands $3M military contract for microgrid system

Argonne gets $2 million federal grant for hybrid fuel cell development 
Research suggests 'car of the future' will be smaller, greener but just as powerful 



Electrical worker makes surprising discovery at substation

Underwater hotel has scuba diving pizza delivery man

Howard Baker, former senator who asked what Nixon knew, dies

Eli Wallach, Multifaceted Actor on Stage and Screen, Dies at 98 

Mystery Solved For Strange Animal Found Scurrying Around The Bronx

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