Friday, October 17, 2014

October 13-17, 2014


EPA readies major ozone rule change 

Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change 

Obama’s Twitter account pleads to ‘stick it to the climate change deniers’ 

Paul Ryan skeptical on climate change 

The Unseriousness of Republicans on Man-Made Climate Change 

Greens launch youth voter turnout drive 

Energy Department Moves Forward With Fossil Fuel Phaseout for Buildings 

Vitter: Emails show green collusion with EPA on climate rule 31622

Greens target Google for backing GOP rep 

Tom Steyer: Midterms mark the start of climate campaign 

Exxon Blasts Movement to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Independent shaking up Kansas Senate race a mystery man on energy policy

The incredible shrinking Keystone: Industry and green groups moving on 

State Dept. climate envoy talks global accord, US expectations

Joni Ernst, Bruce Braley clash over EPA in Iowa U.S. Senate debate

Biofuel leaders says EPA has treated industry unfairly


The Atlantic: For $20M, AEP bought an Ohio town and a clear conscience 

9 of 12 members of Ohio’s energy law study committee voted to freeze renewable mandate 

Report: FirstEnergy’s coal focus ‘not a winning strategy’ 

Study links hundreds of Ohio quakes to fracking 

Oil and gas investment in Ohio hits $3.5B over past 6 months, Bricker & Eckler reports 

Another blow to the solar industry as PUCO nixes in-state sourcing rule

Sierra Club pollution complaint against AEP unrelated to coal ‘bailout’ plan 

No quiet period for AEP Ohio in PR game 

AEP challenges net metering plan in Ohio Supreme Court

Loans went to solar execs’ other firms 

Reynoldsburg's Dynalab gets boost making parts for new electricity meters 


Study: Natural gas surge won't slow global warming 

2014 Nobel Prize economist argues for binding GHG targets 

Minnesota officials release county-by-county breakdown of climate change impacts

For concrete, climate change may mean a shorter lifespan

Fighting Climate Change Brings Benefits To The Bottom Line

Cities are businesses' best allies in the battle against climate change

As Climate Change Warms Oceans, Fish Move Toward Poles


Murky waters: Chicagoans worry petcoke moving to barges

Minneapolis utility fight ends with unique clean-energy deal

Tesla Faces Possible Prohibition of Sales in Michigan 

Southern Illinois landowners sue over fracking delay

Wis. city's land grab to attract frac-sand mine is overruled by state agency

N.D. oil production, flaring still rising

Xcel sets April for end of coal burning at Burnsville, Minn. power plant

Appeals court says Consumers Energy not liable for 2009 explosion, fire near Clio, Mich.

No fracking without court order: Illinois DNR boss

Sand may become weak link in fracking

Michigan Citizens Force a Gas Pipeline to Skirt Their County


How falling oil prices are squeezing Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia 

Putin Threatens EU Gas Squeeze Raising Stakes for Ukraine 

Australia’s Energy Policy Is Simple. Listen To The UN And Do The Opposite 

Climate Warriors Target Giant Coal Terminal in Australia 

Kurdish oil exports surge despite security concerns 

Iraqi, Kurdish leaders discuss oil laws 

Pemex interested in co-ventures with US oil gas and companies, says Breitling CEO 


Nebraska wind farm on hold

Minnesota wind energy firm Sheerwind looking to test technology in Hawaii

Abengoa Making Ethanol From Crop Waste at Plant in Kansas

Retailers, seeking out bargains, continue to lead on solar

LED streetlights pay off in West St. Paul, Minn.

Turbines may be luring bats to their deaths, wind-farm research suggests

Survey: Utilities Could Do a Much Better Job at Streamlining Solar Interconnection

Researchers find LEDs attract more flying invertebrates than conventional lighting


Carbon Sequestration: Too Little, Too Late? 

At its vehicle emissions lab, EPA helps push automakers into a more fuel-abstemious future

Drive system saves space and weight in electric cars

Dispelling a misconception about Mg-ion batteries

Turning humble seaweed into biofuel


Elizabeth Peña, Actress on the Big and Small Screens, Dies at 55 

The best laugh of the weekend: Nobel Prize puzzles airport security

Michigan Funeral Home Provides Drive-Thru Option

Connecticut Man Accused of 'Mopping Aggressively'

Harry Potter author JK Rowling plans to build Hagrid's hut in her back garden

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Friday, October 10, 2014

October 6-10, 2014


Sherwood-Randall sworn in as deputy energy secretary 

EPA chief apologizes for her generation’s role in climate change 

Commerce Department queries energy firms ahead of export rulings 

Fewer than half of U.S. states preparing for climate change 

Union members from Appalachia protest EPA power plant proposal

Investors, activists press eBay, others to break up with ALEC

Organizing for Action gets behind Google's withdrawal from ALEC 

DOE efficiency rules target power cords for cellphones, laptops

Judge dismisses Neb. challenge to proposed greenhouse gas rule 

US agency issues permit for Canada-NYC power line 

Moniz: U.S. ‘Actively Looking’ at Issues Informing Oil Exports 

Politicians like nothing more than success. Witness Obama on oil.

Study: EPA carbon rules would save thousands of lives in Illinois and Missouri 

Former USC professor pleads guilty to lying on DOE grant application 

GOP Senate Candidate in WV says She Misspoke When She Said She Doesn’t Believe In Man-Made Climate Change 


The battle of Ohio: clean energy vs. coal 

AEP asks PUCO for income guarantee for 4 coal-fired plants 

AEP Ohio president weighs in on proposal to have customers subsidize aging coal plants – Q&A 

AEP Ohio's proposed coal PPA plan draws familiar criticism

Even non-customers must help AEP with shortfall, Ohio Supreme Court rules 

Energy Mandates Study Committee names final members 

Despite political setback, high hopes for clean energy in Ohio 

Reliance on coal faulted for FirstEnergy’s ‘financial spiral'

Sierra Club: Ohio utilities’ plan to have customers subsidize coal plants ‘doesn’t hold up’ 

Will Ohio Delaying Renewable Mandates Push Away Tech Companies? 

Large Ohio manufacturing employers form lobbying group after disagreement with OMA on renewable freeze 

Sierra Club planning to sue AEP over alleged Clean Air Act violations 

Group pushes for more chemical disclosure at fracking sites

Third Frontier grants Ohio University $1.45M for shale wastewater cleaning project 

Shale revenue cuts taxes for Muskingum watershed residents


Shift to Low-Carbon Economy Could Free Up $1.8 Trillion, Study Says 

Climate change may create legal liability for Canadian energy firms 

Why climate change should signal the end of the city-state 

Climate Change Has Raised Ocean Acidity by a Quarter 

US east coast cities face frequent flooding due to climate change 

What type of climate-change funding for developing countries do Americans and Germans support?

Rival corporate giants join forces to get millennials acting on climate change 


PJM offers bid to salvage demand response

Coal, Not Fracking Blamed for U.S. Methane Hot Spot

Report: Major discrepancies between oil companies’ claims to investors and SEC reports about reserves

Enbridge oil cleanup on the Kalamazoo River finished, all sections of the river open for public use

In Milwaukee, critics blast We Energies rate proposal 

Most public comments on proposed Vermilion County, Ill. coal mine in opposition 

Report shows impact of Exelon's nuclear fleet 

At the Dry Fork Station, a glimpse into an uncertain future for coal 

Business interests unite to oppose N.D. conservation measure 

East Kansas nuclear plant working to restore generator before deadline that would shut down plant

US utilities say increased coal deliveries help, but more needed

A Push to Make ‘Fracking’ Sound Better

Michigan’s U.P. goes head-to-head with its energy future


U.S. Aids Ukraine on Heat Plan as EU Warns on Winter

Keystone Delay Won’t Slow Canada Pipelines, Kenny Says

Iraqi Kurdistan oil tanker may have unloaded in Mediterranean

Iraq bans Kurdish oil tankers

Let contractors fight the Islamic State, Blackwater founder Erik Prince says

French parliament votes to cut nuclear power reliance


UCSB professor who helped create blue LEDs shares Nobel Prize 

Iowa town puts unusual geothermal twist on district heating

Amid PV boom, solar thermal systems often overlooked

Indiana Farm Bureau Says Renewable Energy Delivering Benefits

SolarCity loan deal could propel rooftop market

Buying Renewable Power for Data Centers Poses Major Challenges for Internet Companies

Bill to repeal Michigan renewable standard faces long odds

Study: Renewables As Green As You’d Expect

Airlines Fly the Skies on a Sugar High


Can Sucking CO2 Out of the Atmosphere Really Work? 

A Motorcycle Fueled By Bacon Is Sizzling Down America's Highways

Electric Cars Could Help Save Power Utilities From A 'Death Spiral'

Tesla unveils exotic features, go-fast model

Engineer says 'smart grid' needed for shift to alternative energy

An Industrial-Size Generator That Runs on Waste Heat, Using No Fuel 

OLED experts to advance improved production techniques

Norwegian Factory Aims to Solve Cement’s Carbon Problem


Former 'SNL' star Jan Hooks dies at 57

Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi share Nobel Peace Prize 

Boston time capsule from 1901 yields little red book 

Indiana college gives pizza deliverer $1,200 tip 

Family fights Tennessee Ban on Last-Name Mash-Up 

Camel Helps Expand Google Street View to Desert 

Masked Bandit Apologizes, Kisses Couple in Robbery

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Friday, October 3, 2014

September 29 - October 3, 2014


EPA's McCarthy: Clean Power Plan state targets, compliance options could change 

Cutting carbon: Cap and trade — the sequel? 

EPA: Greenhouse gases from major polluters grew last year 

DOE to offer $12.6 billion for nuke projects 

Federal Clean-Energy Loan Guarantees Go Begging 

White House challenges data centers to improve energy efficiency 

Chicago, suburbs tell U.S. to tighten crude-oil train rules 

Maze of federal oversight impedes North Dakota's anti-flaring push 

Sam Brownback supported wind farms in Kansas - until the Kochs changed his mind 

Coal industry meeting stresses being proactive in light of EPA plans 

States developing plans to shape energy futures outside EPA regs 

Energy fuels Michigan Senate race 


FirstEnergy Moves To Suspend Energy Efficiency Program 

Advocates: FirstEnergy efficiency cuts part of larger pattern 

Letter to Dispatch from State Rep. Mike Foley: Energy bill fell prey to posturing

Toxic algae fight should be funded with frack tax, Rep. Dave Hall says 

PUCO slow to act on AEP rate plan

Ohio State develops world's first 'solar battery'

Coal tycoon Bob Murray is still urging employees to give to Republicans

6 Ohio lawmakers defend ALEC in letter to Google

Study: Shale energy could create 18,000 Ohio jobs

Ohio wants to set rules for Utica wellpad construction 

Ohio fracking waste issues go beyond chemical disclosure 

Ohio company unveils new coal car unloader designed to improve worker safety 

Marietta College starting major to train oil and gas landmen 


35,000 walrus mass on Alaska beach because of lack of sea ice 

The Natural Gas Boom Could Accelerate Climate Change 

The Smithsonian Institution Announces an Official Climate Change Statement 

Big Business Climate Change Movement Grows in Size and Heft 

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week for Climate Change News

Climate Change Could Alter the Human Male-Female Ratio 


More coal unit idlings, potential blackouts at issue in STB rail energy meeting 

Second ADM sequestration project OK'd by EPA 

Midcontinent ISO: MVP project benefits larger than previously thought

As families flee coal country, schools struggle 

Polar vortex temperatures plunged below many power plant operating scenarios, NERC reports 

Concerns raised at meeting for proposed Illinois coal waste facility

Cheap coal means mine deals as small buyers move in

How the oil and gas boom is changing America

Baker Hughes to disclose fracking chemicals

Most Frac Sand Mining Facilities In Wisconsin Have Not Undergone Air Quality Evaluations

Ameren plans to replace 2 coal plants with gas, renewables 

Emergency responders prepare for Mississippi River oil spill in three-day exercise 

Wisconsin PSC: Need for $300 million northern Wis. power line will be scrutinized 

Oil boom thins the ranks of loggers in Wisconsin

Tesla business model hits roadblock in Iowa


Canada switches on world's first carbon capture power plant
Related: In a First, Commercial Coal Plant Buries Its CO2

Taxes, fees: the worldwide battle between utilities and solar 

Canada Tar-Sands Image Set for Overhaul With New Premier

This Month the U.S. Could Pass Saudi Arabia as the World’s Biggest Petroleum Producer

Coal India expects rise in coal import orders

Chinese firm buys controlling stake in Grande Cache Coal


Solar power is growing so fast that older energy companies are trying to stop it 

A decade after welcoming wind, states reconsider 

MSP Airport plans to build Minnesota's largest solar power project

Cow power online to advance Wisconsin health care provider to energy independence

Microsoft wind farm breaks ground in Illinois

America is overlooking a plentiful renewable resource: animal manure

Report: Wisconsin ignores law in not revising energy conservation standards


Competitions create next generation of clean-car engineers

Company at renewable energy center in Muskegon developing revolutionary steam-to-electricity product

4 Things You Should Know About Energy Storage

Self-powered smart window also functions as a self-rechargeable transparent battery 

Fuel cell-powered mobile lights tested, proven, ready for commercial use 


To eat this 8,000-calorie breakfast, you'll need to sign a waiver

New York supermarket employee hid $1,200 worth of meat in pants

New Mexico hopes 'singing road' curbs speeding

Washington road crews battling persistent beaver

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Friday, September 26, 2014

September 22-26, 2014


Obama at UN Summit: Climate change 'growing and urgent threat' 

Politico: Obama offers few climate details 

Climate change offers 'opportunity,' EPA says 

Treasury Secretary Lew: Climate change hits all sectors of economy 

US Homeland Security moves to tackle climate change risks 

Oil and gas production outpacing regulation, GAO says 

Conservatives plot to oust Boehner 

Google pulling support for ALEC over climate change 

Facebook also abandoning ALEC 

USDA to help ag, rural businesses cut energy use 

Exelon says EPA's nuclear ‘at risk’ designation is little help 

Rolling Stone: Inside the Koch Brothers' Toxic Empire 

U.S. Chamber: Carbon rules likely to be ineffective 

Global business leaders back carbon price at N.Y. summit 

Senate, House both oppose proposed Canadian nuclear waste facility on Great Lakes 

Video: 'The Daily Show' takes on climate change deniers in Congress 

Energy policy a low priority for voters, new poll finds 


FirstEnergy executive defends company's efforts to dismantle state efficiency rules 

AEP defends $31/month fee for refusing smart meters 

‘Crippling penalties’ urged for drillers hiding fracking chemical lists 

Mines at risk of bankruptcy, coal mogul Robert Murray says 

Polar vortex or not, natural gas bills expected to climb this winter 

Gahanna solar array proceeds despite fears that Ohio’s new law will kill ‘green’ energy projects 

PJM Interconnection fields concerns over proposal to fix regional power grid 

Ohio cited in GAO report for fracking waste disposal 

PD editorial: Short-sighted efforts to derail efficiency and renewables standards hurt state's future

VP of IGS Generation: Alternative energy essential to Ohio commercial, industrial facilities


Global Rise Reported in 2013 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

More than 300K march for climate change action in NYC 

Companies Take the Baton in Climate Change Efforts

Rockefellers, Heirs to an Oil Fortune, Will Divest Charity of Fossil Fuels 

Global summit on climate change slated for Minneapolis in 2015

Climate Change Destroying Rocky Mountain Forests, Report Says

The Benefits of Easing Climate Change


US oil industry offers crude-train testing standards after accidents highlight risks 

Coal companies having tough year so far 

Groups want delay in decision on Wisconsin Energy acquisition of Integrys 

Fracking Boom Could Drive Silica Sand Mining Operations In 12 More States, Environmental Groups Say

Petcoke operator driven out of Chicago

Iowa ahead in meeting carbon reduction goals

We Energies coal-storage project approved by commission; state OKs needed

Report: Michigan lacks support for alternative-fuel vehicles

Enbridge completes work on final stretch of replacement oil pipeline in Michigan

Oil reps say N.D. has proper rail shipment rules


U.S., coalition begin targeting ISIS oil refineries in Syria 

Putin's 'Last and Best Weapon' Against Europe: Gas 

Tesla Expands in Hong Kong to Tap Electric Vehicle Demand

The richest man in Saudi Arabia on oil, ISIS and Murdoch


 Is PJM Costing Consumers $1.3 Billion By Ignoring Energy Efficiency?

Major Corporations Like IKEA, Mars, Say They'll Use 100% Renewable Energy By 2020 

Indiana Lawmakers Stand By Elimination Of Energy Efficiency Program 

Study: Small towns can save big with efficiency, renewables

SD utility withdraws rate change proposal that targeted rooftop solar

Wisconsin fight over rooftop solar panels could decide America’s energy future

Study: Natural Gas Reliance Impediment to Renewables

Duke-ATC power line would link Wyoming wind farm, Utah energy storage project

Solar-powered picnic table developed in Lansing, Mich. charges your cell phone outdoors


Researcher is working to predict electric power blackouts before they happen 

Unique Minnesota data project illuminates cities’ energy use

Can batteries replace coal plants?

Oil Companies Quietly Prepare For a Future of Carbon Pricing

Solutions for an Internet of energy


Groundhog dies after escaping NYC mayor’s grip

Couple’s Wedding Day Saved by Strangers from Craigslist

Columbus man who raised $55K is throwing potato salad party

Tranquilizer Dart Ends Black Bear's School Visit

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